The Earth Snake in Chinese Astrology


In most astrological systems, the Earth element is associated with stability of temperament and practicality in motivations. The Chinese zodiac sign of Snake shares some of the traits with this element which leads to an amplification of these; at the same time though, Earth also imparts other qualities to this very complex personality.

In Chinese astrology, the Snake is believed to signify a cool, easy-going personality who is never in any rush but nonetheless finds the means and the opportunity to get things done. Under the influence of Earth, the Snake’s capacity for patience is even more accentuated so that he/she is quite willing to wait just as long as it takes for things to work out in exactly the manner as he/she would wish them to. This is a person who is least perturbed about the occasional hiccups that every task or initiative faces along the way and is not just bothered by the anxiety of time running out. Without apparently exerting a single muscle, the Earth Snake can cross innumerable hurdles and calmly deal with any number of problems so that in the end the goals seem to have been attained as though on their own.

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However the flipside of this kind of laid-back personality could be a debilitating kind of passivity which could negate the considerable gifts of intuition and psychological insight that the Snake possesses. What good is an ability to plan perfectly and motivate convincingly when the individual seems to take forever to initiate any kind of action? Their lack of initiative could be a significant factor in things taking too long to materialize in the life of an Earth Snake.

However since Snakes are rarely seen in penury, it is quite possible that the Earth Snake depends on other abilities to make good in this world. And one of the most important qualities that allow this Snake to succeed is a practical bent of mind. The Earth Snake displays a slow and calculated behavior which takes account of every possible set-back that may come in the way and has already exigencies planned ahead. It this cool, logical reasoning that allows the Earth Snake to eventually achieve his/her goals even though they may be slow in their movements.

Also the Earth Snake despite his/her calm demeanor is an extremely persistent lot. Armed with quiet but steady determination, this breed of Snake people has been known to amass considerable wealth, even though they may take a while to do so. Better still, the Earth Snake, especially towards the end of his/her life, is likely to use their fortune for philanthropic projects since they are guided by a deep care and concern for the rest of humanity.

The Earth Snake is also very attached to the home and family. The Snake nature in general prefers familiar surroundings and when allied with the Earth element, the sign is even more grounded in intimate and domestic pleasures. And an important aspect of this trait is a love of indulgence in sensual pleasures like good food, fine wines and creature comforts. More importantly the Earth Snake makes a very caring and responsible partner, one who can be trusted to meet all the needs and comforts of their loved ones.