Snake - Snake Love Compatibility in Chinese Astrology


Unlike western culture which reviles the Snake as a destructive creature, Chinese astrology accords high esteem to the Snake. People born in the Year of the Snake are believed to be self-possessed, cultured and armed with acute psychological insight. Thus when two individuals of this zodiac come together, chances of a compatible relationship are quite high even though they may have to be careful of letting their personality traits slide into unhappy extremes.

High points of a Snake-Snake love match

It is quite likely that the Snakes will first meet each other at a distinguished art gallery, musical soiree at a mutual friend’s place or perhaps at a select wine-appreciation event. This is because the Snake according to Chinese astrology, is a purveyor of the finer things of life and he/she owes this to an essentially sensual nature. They take great pleasure in appeasing their senses which is why  good food, fine wine and high culture are among the things that he/she finds worth living for. Thus two Snake partners will enjoy common interests and understand each other’s appreciation of aesthetic and sensual pleasures. This would have been difficult in case of a partner like Rooster whose arid practicality would have been unable to find any use of such cultural pursuits or a mate like the stolid Ox whose unimaginative nature would have been uninterested in these matters. Instead two Snakes together can live life like they want to, stimulate each other with the same things and take pleasure in mutual interests.

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Yet another factor which could bind the two Snake partners together is their common social disposition. Though possessing great social sophistication, the Snake is essentially a very private person. Much like the actual snake of the animal world, this personality type prefers keeping to him/herself and is only glad to be left alone. The Snake could spend a perfectly happy day simply lazing about in the sun and reading a good book or listening to music indoors as it rains outside. They do not feel the need to surround themselves with human company and neither do they hanker for new and sensational experiences. The Snake is only too happy to be surrounded by the familiar and the pleasurable. This especially works well in case a mate is of the same zodiac sign since then neither will be pulled apart by differing social inclinations. On the other hand if the Snake had been allied with someone like the Dragon, the latter would have tried to control the couple’s social life; or with a partner as energetic and restless as the Horse, the Snake would have felt too rushed to be comfortable. But with each other, the Snakes not only do not feel guilty about being socially reclusive but are equally ready to grant others the same kind of privacy.

Yet another characteristic of the Snake is their uncanny ability to look through appearances into the reality that lies at the heart of the matter. This kind of intuitive understanding is inborn in the Snake but when coupled with an equally keen intelligence, it translates into amazing mental acuity. Since the Snake can see into the hidden reality, they abhor false pretences and hypocrisy and instead place a high premium on honesty and forthrightness. Thus a relationship between two Snake partners is likely to be based on truth and genuine affection – qualities which will only serve to increase their chances of romantic compatibility.

Challenges of a Snake-Snake love match

The only problem perhaps that a Snake-Snake pair may face in life is a lack of enthusiasm and spontaneity. The Snake is a calm, self-assured being who does not rush into any decision and indeed always seems in superb control of people of events around them. The flip-side of such self-possession is that there may be little to make the partners ecstatic in the relationship. The partners know each only too well and hence any kind of romantic surprise or happy impulsiveness will be difficult to bring about in the relationship. While this does not make for a major reason for incompatibility, it might make things a little dull and lusterless.

Also due to their love of privacy and to certain extent because of their own complex personality, the Snake is not an easy person to understand. In fact people who may have figured as the Snake’s friends and loved ones for several years, may still remain unaware of certain aspects of his/her personality. In a romantic equation where both partners are Snakes, there may be too much that is kept hidden from plain view. In case the relationship veers to a lack of trust and understanding between two partners, such a high degree of secretiveness may be further damaging, even leading to an inevitable breakup.