Snake - Monkey Love Compatibility in Chinese Astrology


In Chinese astrology, the Snake and Monkey do not seem to possess many common traits. However the two are united by a keen intelligence and resourcefulness, even though these qualities may be expressed in different ways. Thus while the match seems to be an incompatible one at the outset, if the partners agree to put their relationship above mutual differences, they can find a way to make it successful.

High points of a Snake-Monkey love match

The two will be drawn to each other on account of their sharp minds and wide-ranging resourcefulness. Both are capable of quick thinking, whether in times of emergencies or when learning about something new. It is this kind of keen intelligence that will bring the Snake and Monkey together – each will keep the other stimulated through challenging pursuits and interesting experiences. Thus while in case of other pairs, the attraction may be based purely on emotional reciprocity or staid practicality, here the partners will respect each other’s mental acuity and find that they have a lot to offer each other.

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Then again both the Snake and Monkey are quite popular in the social circuit. While the Snake attracts friends and admirers on account of personal charm, sophisticated intelligence and a high level of aesthetic discrimination, the Monkey succeeds in impressing people with their ingenuity and varied experience. They know the right things to say to the right people and on the whole, give full expression to their far-ranging wit and sophistication. Also both are fashion-conscious and can be usually depended to turn out smartly and appropriately for every social occasion. These traits together with the fact that both the Snake and Monkey are foodies and like to cook and host, makes them not only a highly sociable couple but also one which enjoys similar kind of company.

Finally both the Snake and Monkey have a healthy sexual appetite; thus each is capable of responding to the other’s needs with passion and ardor. Sexual incompatibility is often a major cause of couples breaking up even when they may seem to be well-suited in terms of personal traits and social disposition. Thus while the fastidious Rooster may not respond fully to the sexual urges of the Snake, in case the latter is romantically involved with a sign like Monkey, the relationship is most likely to be sexually fulfilling.

Challenges of a Snake-Monkey love match

The primary difficulty that the two may face in their relationship is having a radically opposed approach to life. The Snake has a slow and thoughtful way of going about things. They are inevitably calm and collected, even in situations of great stress and chaos. They do not believe in running hither and thither, but would rather use their resources of psychological insight to attain their goals. The Monkey on the other hand is more of a go-getter, even though he/she may not be as energetic or restless as the Horse. The Monkey loves a good challenge and will happily take a chance if the odds look even fairly good.
This is not so with the Snake who would take their own time to think deeply about all the pros and cons of a situation. This kind of difference may lead each partner to misunderstand the other. While the Snake may feel that the Monkey is too impulsive and frivolous, the latter would feel that the former is uninterested in love and is only slowing him/her down.

Also the Monkey is a trickster at heart and loves having a spot of fun, even with their near and dear ones. If this person’s idea of games include some flirtation,  it is quite likely that the Monkey will rouse the worst of his/her Snake partner’s jealousy. Even though the Snake is cool and self-possessed on the surface, he/she is also capable of having very intense feelings. In fact the Snake’s capacity for vengeance is terrifying and a Monkey partner better not do anything to goad the Snake into such negative emotions.

Yet another area of difference between the Snake and Monkey could be finances. As part of the Snake’s slow and deliberate attitude to life, he/she prefers to earn and spend on a regular basis – where a Snake is in charge of finances, money will probably be piled carefully away and spent wisely. Even though the Snake loves to buy pretty things occasionally, he/she will always be careful that there is enough left over in the account. The Monkey has a markedly different approach to finances – while his/her financial resourcefulness is never in doubt, he/she also has a tendency to spend impulsively. Thus a big chunk of savings may be withdrawn on account of a supposedly infallible tip at the races or at the stock market. And while the Monkey may eventually get back several times the investment, such reckless spending may not appeal to the Snake partner.

In the end, it is in their ability to keep each other mentally stimulated and sexually satisfied that would offer the best chances of a Snake and Monkey compatibility. And with a little compromise on each side,  they can make this work and find long term romance and happiness in the long run too.