Snake - Horse Love Compatibility in Chinese Astrology


If one goes by the astrological traits of the Snake and Horse, chances of romantic compatibility may appear quite slim for this Chinese zodiac pair. The two animal signs not only share very different personal traits but their world views and life goals also seem vastly opposed. However if they consciously decide to use their differences to complement instead of undermine each other, there is every chance of success too.

High points of a Snake-Horse love match

Despite possessing entirely different personalities, the Snake and Horse may be drawn to each other by the unrelenting force of sexual chemistry. The secretive depths and mystery of the Snake personality is sure to catch the attention of a Horse who in turn is likely to charm the Snake with their infectious enthusiasm and aggressive energy. Both will recognize in each other a reflection of their own self-confidence and intensity. While the Snake is an exceedingly sensual creature whose veneer of sophistication hides a keen sexual appetite, the Horse too is a highly charged being whose drive and enthusiasm in other areas of life includes romantic ardor too. Thus when the two come together in love, the result is likely to be white-hot conflagration of passions, an experience that is as mindblowing as it is deeply fulfilling.

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On the plus side however, the Horse and a Snake make an excellent team. The Snake with his/her intuitive knowledge will recognize the drive and brilliance of the Horse personality and support the latter with complete loyalty. At the same time the Horse can lighten the solitude of the Snake with their effervescent charm and high-spirited capacity for fun and games. Both arrive into the universe armed with their unique strengths and capabilities but at the same time both can lend each other substance and direction for the full realization of those attributes. This is what is required in a Horse-Snake match if their initial passionate attraction is to flower into something more permanent and fulfilling.

Challenges of a Snake-Horse love match

The prime site of incompatibility between Snake and Horse partners is the very different approach to life each has. The Snake prefers a relaxed pace of life and sees no need to rush about anything. The Horse on the other hand is brimming with energy and verve and finds it difficult to take life slowly. Thus it may not only be difficult for each to understand the other’s compulsions but the two partners may significantly clash on how to go about things in their relationship. The Snake would prefer to use his/her powers of psychological persuasion to bring about desired results in life and love while the Horse would prefer a more active, hands-on approach. Over time the Snake may come to dislike his/her partner restlessness while the Horse may mistakenly believe that his/her partner is lazy or worse uninterested in the relationship.

Yet another problem that could lead the couple to drift away from each other is a difference in their social dispositions. The Horse is an outgoing personality – he/she likes to go where the action is, fire up everybody with his/her brilliant ideas and take charge of whatever is going on. The Snake while not exactly a loner will watch things from a distance, examine the secret drives of all who are present and then find out ways to get about what he/she wants. While the social impulses do not clash as much as in case of a couple like the Horse and Goat, even then the Snake and Horse pair might find themselves looking for different things in the same situation. Only when they can tune their methods and motivations to a common goal – here, the success of their relationship – can they become compatible in the romantic sense.

One of the most distinctive traits of the Snake is an immense degree of self-control; even when people and events around are in a state of chaos, the Snake can be trusted to remain calm and find out practical solutions to the problem at hand. However despite their high degree of self-possession, the Snake has intense feelings inside and this is especially evident when this character is moved to negative emotions. In case the Snake feels crossed or misused, he/she can give way to intense feelings of jealousy and vengeance. The Horse on the other hand is happily irreverent in nature and may often be lead into some light-hearted flirting in social situations. On such occasions, there may be an ugly storm in the making - and though the Snake may not immediately throw a tantrum or create a scene, sooner or later his/her Horse partner is sure to feel the full force of the reptile’s wrath.

Despite many differences, where the two signs can come closer is in their shared knowledge of common goals and priorities. Both the Snake and Horse are extremely hard-working and ambitious which is why once they can identify and agree upon an area in their relationship which needs work, they can be depended to act as a team and achieve desired results.