Snake - Dog Love Compatibility in Chinese Astrology


In Chinese astrology, the Snake and Dog are signs which are neither very similar nor different. Thus their compatibility too is of an average level, with some scope of differences but also enough to hold them together should they decide to put their relationship above everything else.

High points of a Snake-Dog love match

The best chance of a Snake-Dog pair to get along lies in their ability to support each other in a relationship. Despite seeming cool and collected on the outside, the Snake is capable of feeling very intensely within which is why he/she has a tendency to be excessively possessive about partners and on occasions can also get extremely jealous. The Dog on the other hand makes one of the most generous and loving partners in the Chinese zodiac – he/she will go to great lengths to protect, care for and even sacrifice personal well-being for a partner. Thus in this equation, the Dog can assure the Snake partner of whole-hearted loyalty and support which will go a long way in minimizing the jealous and possessive traits of the Snake.

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In general, the Dog is a cheerful and caring personality; however this sign is deeply susceptible to the vagaries of life which is why he/she can get moody, nervous and irritable when facing a spot of trouble. The Snake is quite the opposite – not matter how chaotic or trying a situation, he/she remains calm and self-possessed. In fact the Snake not only remains in control of people and events around them but is best equipped to resolve a problem by coming up with a quick and effective solution. Thus in this love match, the Snake can help his/her partner cope with irrational worries and anxieties by coming up with practical solutions.

Even more importantly the Snake will be able to convince the Dog to lighten up and let go of its pessimistic streak. The Snake is known to be a purveyor of sensual delights and is a keen connoisseur of the finer pleasures of life. The Dog on the other hand cares more about values, a trait that sometimes hardens into an arid and even self-destructive idealism. The Snake with his/her calm and earthy sensuality is best placed to persuade the Dog to sample the good things the world has to offer instead of merely berating it for injustice and heartlessness. Thus a relationship of the Dog and Snake will be both grounded on essential values as well as open to pleasanter influences.

In case the Snake and Dog are partners in business, there is actually greater scope for compatibility. Since the Dog has a keen sense of right and wrong and expects the same from others, both partners are likely to trust one another to deal fairly and above-board. At the same time, the Snake has a knack of making money, not only because of a keen intelligence but also because of acute intuitive powers. Thus a venture made of a Snake-Dog partnership is likely to be successful – while the Snake will take care of public relations on account of his/her charm and social finesse, the Dog will bring into the business the qualities of hard work and strong values.

Challenges of a Snake-Dog love match

Taken to an extreme, the very traits which allowed the Snake and Dog to complement each other in a happy relationship, could turn out to be a site of conflict. The Dog feels very deeply about things like justice and righteousness and can be extremely harsh on people who he/she feels are working against such values. The Snake on the other hand is a realist and for all their aesthetic bent of mind, recognize how things actually are and more importantly the necessity of using the ways of the world to attain personal ends. In fact the Snake is not even using their powers of psychological insight to manipulate people in order to get what he/she wants. This will not go down well with the Dog who often feels that he/she carries the burden of exposing the wrongs of the world and setting them right. Thus a relationship between the Snake and Dog could come apart on deep-seated moral issues.

Then again widely opposing interests could also drive this couple apart. The Snake has refined tastes and is interested in the finer things of life; the Dog on the other hand may not be comfortable among sophisticated people and pursuits. He/she is more likely to look for basic pleasures and feel happiest in a stable domestic routine. In fact Dogs are not materialistic at all thus a Snake partner who is expecting a solitaire or dinner at a fancy restaurant on an anniversary may be sorely disappointed since for the Dog, the best proof of commitment lies in protecting and steadfastly loving a partner. In this way diverging interests and outlook on life could spoil a relationship which otherwise has ample potential for compatibility.