Rooster - Dog Love Compatibility in Chinese Astrology


In the Chinese zodiac, the Rooster and Dog are two signs which more or less share an equal level of similarity and differences. Both prefer a routine way of life and have a strong sense of responsibility but then again the Rooster and Dog also differ in their emotional moorings and personal impulses. Thus a Rooster-Dog has may be a compatible one if each partner can learn to adjust and adapt a little.

High points of a Rooster-Dog love match

The best chances of a Rooster-Dog compatibility appears to lie in the fact that both are deeply responsible people. Roosters, for all their nagging and hectoring, are motivated by a strong sense of commitment to a task or goal at hand. Once given a job to do, the Rooster will bring forth all the powers of their concentration and industriousness and complete it as perfectly as possible. In a similar vein the Dog feels deeply responsible for people and anything else under their care. They have the strongest protective instincts among all the animal signs of the Chinese zodiac. In fact the Dog is believed to go so far as to sacrifice their own dreams and comforts when motivated by love for people close to them. Since both the Rooster and Dog are so conscious about the value of responsibility, any relationship that they forge is likely to be grounded in a strong sense of commitment. Each will understand the need to fulfill the other’s emotional and practical needs and both will do their utmost to make a success of the relationship.

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However merely a sense of commitment is not always enough to keep a couple together – they also need to share similar views on other aspects of life. Here too chances of Rooster and Dog compatibility are quite high since both like to organize your lives according to similar dependable ways. The Rooster especially likes order and system - they like to have their life very organized, with everything neat and tidy. They love routine and hate deviating from a prearranged schedule. Though not fastidious to this extent, the Dog too feels most comfortable when surrounded by the familiar and predictable. Dogs are their happiest when they stay around home base and have a reliable routine to depend on. This impulse emerges from the Dog’s natural desire to protect their loved ones against strangers and their inborn suspicion of the unfamiliar.

Finally both subscribe to a strong system of values which can further help the Rooster and Dog to be satisfied with each other. The Rooster is highly fastidious and just like he/she cannot tolerate any mess in their physical surroundings, they need their moral life to be in order and everything above board. Thus the Rooster is unlikely to take recourse to dishonest or hurtful means in order to attain their goals even if this is motivated more by a love of order rather than love of humanity. Overall this attitude is likely to be appreciated by the highly idealistic Dog who lays great store by values like justice and righteousness.

Challenge of a Rooster-Dog love match

Moral values, no matter how important, are not always enough to keep a couple together. Along with the need to have shared life values, it is also important that two lovers know how to laugh and sing together, how to have a good time with each other. And it is precisely this lack of pure joyousness and spontaneity that could eventually wreck the Rooster-Dog love match. Both signs are rather high-minded in nature and have a tendency to take life a tad too seriously. Even though the Dog can be cheerful and happy-go-lucky at times, when weighed down with negative events and influences, he/she can become nervous and irritable. The only thing that can help the Dog to emerge from these bouts of moodiness is unconditional love and support from a partner – something that the busy and practical-minded Rooster is often unable to offer. In such a situation, had the partner been of the Goat or Pig sign, they would have been far more forthcoming in their attentions and support for the Dog. Not only this, the Rooster’s penchant for criticism is likely to make things worse. His/her sharply critical expression will not only do nothing to help the Dog feel better, but in fact may actually push the latter further into negativity. And when sunk into the depths of pessimism, the Dog in fact has a tendency to snap and hit out with equal ferocity.

Also the Rooster and Dog may have differences on individual lifestyles too. Rooster love to strut and preen, often in fine clothes; the Dog on the other hand doesn't care for material things or even a lot of attention from observers and thus he/she may find the Rooster’s behavior incomprehensible. However the situation can be quickly remedied once the Dog understands that it is in the nature of the Rooster to take pride in their appearance just as the Rooster should respect the integrity and idealistic nature of the Dog. In the end the fact that neither is wasteful or extravagant in their financial habits could also help the couple to attain better mutual understanding.