Rat - Rooster Love Compatibility in Chinese Astrology


Love compatibility between these two signs of the Chinese zodiac might be something of a challenge considering that the Rat and Rooster are quite different in terms of personalities and priorities. And yet each is equipped with traits that could answer to the deepest needs of the other and in the final analysis complete the circle of necessity.

High points of a Rat-Rooster love match

At the outset, the Rat and Rooster will be attracted to the opposite personality traits in each other. The male Rat will be impressed by the subtle beauty of the female Rooster but more than that by her dedication and care for those that she decides to be responsible for. Service to others is an essential part of the Rooster personality and it will be a new experience for the Rat to find that a fellow human can be so solicitous to the needs of others. Likewise in a relationship between a female Rat and a male Rooster, the former can be depended on to bring spunk and verve into the experience, keeping it from getting monotonous which could have been highly probable had the Rooster man been paired up with another reticent sign like the Goat.

More importantly, once allied with the practical and careful Rooster, the Rat will find his/her life taking on a much-needed structure and routine. When sharing a home, the Rat will realize that he/she does not have to worry about the minor details of running the household for which he/she has neither the time nor the inclination. At the same time, the staid and down-to-each nature of the Rooster may offer a point of calm to the frenzied rushing about that the Rat is prone to and even provide focus and purpose to his/her ventures. Likewise when exposed to the vivacity and energy of the Rat, the Rooster will learn to let go of his/her habitual fastidiousness. He/she will realize that life is not such a serious matter after all and it feels great to lighten up, every once in a while.

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Challenges of Rat-Rooster love match

The chief point of difference lies in the fact that the Rat is at home in a world of social and intellectual engagement whereas the Rooster are more oriented towards the nitty-gritty of material projects.  The Rat is easily attracted to the prospect of exchange of ideas and information with fellow beings. The Rooster on the other hand is grounded to what is practical and realistic, often going to the extreme of being meticulous and thorough in every task they take up. This essential difference can turn out to be a source of conflict for the Rat-Rooster pair. While the former would prefer to lead a busy and varied life based on social interaction and discourse, his/her Rooster partner may see such concerns as excessively frivolous and selfish. The Rat on the other hand may feel weighed down by the extremely serious world view of the Rooster and eventually scurry away to where the music is louder and the lights are brighter. This Rat’s restlessness on the other hand might appear to the Rooster as a lack of a sense of commitment and its deeply responsible nature might decide that he/she is just not worth taking as a life partner.

Then again the fastidious nature of the Rooster may not go down well the Rat who at best is unconcerned with the niceties of domestic d├ęcor and at worst may tend towards hoarding things. The Rooster on the other hand is not only particular about what they wear and how they turn out in public but are extremely finicky about neatness which is why their homes are most likely to be tidy and shiny as a new pin. The Rat at the other extreme is prone to clutter their domestic spaces and couldn’t be bothered with the finer points of aesthetic principles. For the Rooster the habit of always arranging or re-arranging things is a direct expression of a personality which holds order and structure in high value but the Rat is likely to see this as being obsessive or compulsive and irritating to the extreme.

Even more significantly, the two may come into conflict over the standards that they hold in life. The Rat is an easy-going, socially charming personality for whom personal satisfaction and safeguarding of interests are important. The Rooster on the other hand lives by very high standards of perfectionism and even altruism – ideals which the Rat may not fully understand, much less appreciate. In fact the Rooster not only strives to live his/her own high standards but is often applies them to others as well and this makes the Rooster rather critical at times, something which is unlikely to go down well with Rat partner who has an ego many times his/her own size.

The only way forward in this relationship lies in each being able to imbibe a little of the other’s qualities. Once the Rat learns to go about things with a little more care and the Rooster is able to loosen up a little, there is every possibility of their being able to complement each other in a healthy way.