Rat - Rat Love Compatibility in Chinese Astrology


In Chinese astrology, the Rat is a remarkable figure; enterprising, resourceful and socially popular, people belonging to this sign have the ability to charm their way through life. Two people of the same nature can be expected to generate some fireworks in their personal relationship and yet the equation also poses some challenge as far as stability and long term fulfillment is concerned.

High points of a Rat-Rat match

While it is easy to be attracted to this vivacious and energetic personality of the Rat and even to fall in love with them, it is quite difficult to be in a relationship with them. Quite difficult for any other sign, that is. This is partly the reason why the Rat is best situated to understand and appreciate each other. One of the most fundamental traits they share is a love of new places, people and interests. Both are highly social and outgoing. They will be happy to go for a movie today and then rock climbing tomorrow. One will join in eagerly if the other suggests a short weekend vacation at a day’s notice unlike an Ox or Rooster partner who would have been appalled at a rash and impulsive proposal.

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One of the primary needs of the Rat in a relationship is intellectual companionship. They are not only experts at social communication but actually thrive on an exchange of ideas and opinions. Their views and opinions may not always be rooted in deep learning or extensive research, but they need stimulation of new ideas and discussion in order to feel alive. And a partner who cannot offer enough of these in a relationship is likely to lose the Rat’s interest eventually. This is one of the main reasons why partners belonging to the Year of the Rat are ideal for each other. Despite possessing oodles of sex appeal, the Rat is not so much attracted by sensual passions or emotional connections when looking for a partner; they need someone to stimulate their quicksilver curiosity and challenge their nimble minds; and who better placed to do that than another Rat. Intellectual companionship is what they are actually looking for in all their experimentations with relationships.

Finally only few signs will understand the Rat’s need for breathing space in a relationship. Even though the Rat is capable of committed relationship, it dislikes being tied down to numbing routine and boring domesticity. Under such circumstances, it is very difficult for them to restrict their attentions and emotions to one sole person just as they can get quickly bored by following the same interest over a few days. Partners from a host of signs like the Ox, Dog and Pig are unlikely to understand the Rat’s need for constant stimulation and novelty. To others this might indicate an incapacity for loyalty but to another Rat, this is an inherent expression of their freedom-loving personalities. Most of all in a mutual relationship, the Rats know there is no scope of jealousy and possessiveness; each is able to love freely and this in turn makes way for lasting love match between a man and woman of this sign.

Challenges to a Rat-Rat love match

However there are some hiccups that a Rat couple can expect in their way. Foremost among them will be an inability to share the limelight. The Rat likes to be the center attention both in the social and personal sphere and may be keen to have his/her way much of the time. This might not go down well with another Rat who is equally likely to want to be in the driver’s seat. Not that the Rat has a massive ego but only that they like being the one to get all the attention and so in this case, two may be a bit of a crowd.

Then again in a Rat-Rat relationship, there may be a lack of trust in day-to-day affairs. One will never know when the other might decide to stay back at the office and put in some extra hours of work or extend a bowling night with the guys/girls to a weekend out-of-town trip. As a result prior plans made by the couple could go haywire or the next day’s schedule thrown in disarray. The Rat’s innate impetuosity might more than once spill over to a dangerous impulsiveness which will make it difficult for either to depend on each other.  While this might not seem such an issue when the two are simply dating, it could turn out to be a major hurdle in case both are sharing a house and a life which brings with it a routine to stick to.

Then again Rats are also given to a lack of consistency; the speed with which they are attracted to new interests and ventures is only matched with the alacrity they are able to disengage themselves from their current object of attention and move on to another. While this is exactly why Rats can best understand each other, it could also make for rather temporal relationships. Once the desire for novelty is satisfied, a Rat partner might be raring to move on, unless there is something compelling enough to hold him/her back.

Fortunately for many Rat-Rat couples, a mutual love of socializing and intellectual companionship is usually enough to form a lasting bond. And once they find their soul-mate, the Rat can surprise others, and themselves too, by becoming a homebody and committed partner.