The Fire Rabbit in Chinese Astrology


Fire is an element that is particularly beneficial to slightly passive sign like the Rabbit. Without negating any of its social charm and persuasion, Fire lends a greater dynamism and courage to the Rabbit, in effect equipping him/her with all the skills required for all round success.

The biggest advantage that the element Fire brings to the Rabbit is a higher degree of assertiveness. Unlike the Water and Wood Rabbits, Fire Rabbits do not quail before opposition and seek to take the easy way out. Like Metal Rabbits, Fire Rabbits are more courageous and better capable of holding his/her ground in face of opposition. However the crucial difference that Fire brings as compared to Metal is that it makes the sign more dynamic and enterprising in nature instead of merely determined like in the latter case. The Fire Rabbit is more capable of taking up challenges or going out in search of opportunities that will help him/her towards personal advancement.

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The above points to a significant feature of the Fire Rabbit – its desire to get up and go in the game of life. Unlike the cold ambition of the Metal Rabbit, this trait is qualified by energy and enthusiasm. The Fire Rabbit genuinely wants to lead a more active life which is quite a significant thing for a sign that is inherently attracted to the comfortable and easy rather than to a challenging course of action, no matter how high the rewards. Any Rabbit has the ability to achieve personal ends on the strength of their persuasive skills; however when associated with Fire, the result is greater activity in the pursuit of a goal or objective. When this dynamic principle comes together with the innate psychological manipulation of the Rabbit, the result is great potential for worldly and material success.

A person born as a Fire Rabbit under the Chinese zodiac has less control over his or her emotions that other Rabbits. Where other Rabbits are in general a content lot, and only perturbed in the face of conflict, the level of anxiety and tension may reach far higher levels in case of the Fire Rabbit. This is because the latter tends to feel things more intensely than others and also because of a greater level of unpredictability that is associated with Fire.

A positive consequence of the Fire element on the Rabbit is a greater willingness to venture far from home with the result that Fire Rabbits can be fond of travel and adventure. This trait owes something to the dynamic principle associated with Fire and it motivating a sign to be more involved action and motion. Thus the Fire Rabbit may every now and then take off for a vacation or at least a short getaway. They are attracted to new sights and experiences as long as they do not include a great deal of danger and are not contrary to their aesthetic natures. And while the Rabbit will never be the explorer and enquirer that the Tiger and Monkey are, when emboldened by the Fire element, he/she will definitely be more open to all the nice things that the world has to offer.