Rabbit - Dragon Love Compatibility in Chinese Astrology

In Chinese astrology the Rabbit and Dragon zodiac signs represent practically opposite personalities, much like the creatures of the wild or mythology. While the Rabbit is meek, adaptable and prone to subtle manipulation, the Dragon is upfront, powerful and highly assertive. Conventional wisdom may despair at any chances of romantic compatibility between these two signs but should the Dragon and Rabbit choose to put their relationship ahead of individual inclinations, they can complement each other successfully.

High points of a Rabbit-Dragon love match

The basic point of similarity between a Dragon and Rabbit is their highly social natures. Both are fond of being among people and usually have a large circle of friends, family and acquaintances. In case of the Dragon this is much more a result of their expansive and vivacious. The popularity of the Rabbit however is much more the result of their elegant charm, graceful personality and sparkling conversation. A Rabbit can be depended upon to make everyone feel at ease whereas the Dragon will attract people by the sheer force of their personality. However in the end, the two get long wonderfully well, with each kind of sociability complementing the other. For this couple, life is one long party and it is always good to be among friends and people with like interests.

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Yet another aspect which serves to bring and keep the Dragon and Rabbit together is their love for the good things of life. The Dragon has a penchant for luxuries and extravagances which is in keeping with their larger-than-life personality. The Rabbit in turn is known for their refined taste and a discriminating eye. However the two signs differ to some extent on the kind of beauty they enjoy – while the Dragon is flamboyant in their tastes and is attracted to the glamorous, the Rabbit is much more geared towards the beauty which comes from harmony and the right balance of all elements. The aesthetic and social interests of the Dragon and Rabbit are thus similar enough to act as an important binding force while at the same time different enough to remain new and interesting to each other.

A successful Rabbit-Dragon match will display the partners’ ability to complement each other – the Dragon will tend to protect his/her partner from the vagaries of life and at the same time bolster the Rabbit’s confidence in everyday affairs. On his/her part, the Rabbit will lavish affection and care on the Dragon partner and ensure that their home is tastefully decorated and welcoming of their large social circle. Sex life of the Dragon and Rabbit couple will also reflect their wonderful compatibility borne out of complementary characteristics. The Dragon will bring into the experience all the flamboyance and vivacity of her passionate nature while the Rabbit will ensure that it is imbued with the charming aura of romance – all in all, a highly fulfilling experience for both.

Challenges of a Rabbit-Dragon love match

Over time however the couple might face obstacles, especially when they realize that commitment in love means different things to each of them. The Dragon puts high premium on loyalty; they are usually generous enough to overlook a few faults in a partner but one thing that the Dragon can never tolerate is infidelity. This tendency together with a large ego results in making a Dragon rather possessive. The Rabbit on the other hand is always on the lookout for variety in experiences in his/her personal life. While this makes them highly enthusiastic and interesting as a partner, they are also likely to get bored as quickly. The perpetual search for novelty makes the Rabbit rather trying to live with and not the most loyal of all partners. And even though the Rabbit is not as independent-minded as the Tiger or Horse, they are uncomfortable when too much emotional commitment is expected of them.

Things might again get sticky for this couple when one of them tries to force his/her own motivations and priorities on another. The Dragon while quite large-hearted is also capable of throwing about the weight of his/her massive ego. It is in the nature of a Dragon to think that they know best and thus they cannot tolerate anyone else contradicting them or even offering an alternate opinion. While the Rabbit is usually too diplomatic to oppose a partner openly, he/she does not take well to situations of stress and disharmony. The Rabbit is happiest when people and feelings are in perfect balance and in harmonious companionship. While the Rabbit will do their best to keep their Dragon partner in good humor and their home in good order, if they find that the latter does not cease to be controlling and giving into raging tempers, he/she will simply drift away to seek another partner who has a pleasanter temperament.