Ox - Dragon Love Compatibility in Chinese Astrology


The Ox and the Dragon are two of the strongest creatures of the animal world. In terms of their human counterparts in the Chinese zodiac, they again share a physical tenacity and strength of convictions. However the Ox and Dragon are quite different from each other in the thrust of their actions – in case of the former it is internal while for the latter it is external. All these conditions make a romantic compatibility between the two a bit challenging but not impossible.

High points of an Ox-Dragon love match

The vivacity and charisma of the Dragon is legendary; he/she is someone who attracts admirers around by the sheer magnetism of his/her personality. The Ox with a keen sense of beauty and strong sensual needs is unlikely to immune to the powerful attraction exerted by the Dragon. The latter on the other hand will be drawn to the Ox who appears to have strength of personality to match his/her own. The two will woo each other with furs, diamonds and dinners at the fanciest restaurants – in other words with luxuries and the attention that each delights in. In this way a common love of the good things of life can be a powerful factor in both bringing the Ox and Dragon as well as keeping them together. Both will indulge each other’s love of material comforts and aesthetic pleasures and best of all have the resources to do so. This is because the Ox and Dragon are two of the hardiest workers in the Chinese zodiac. Each can devote long hours and unflagging energy in their chosen area of work with the result that they are usually rewarded with financial success. Thus a home belonging to the Ox and Dragon couple will be padded with all comforts and a good measure of luxuries too and each will be in a position to pamper the other with the finest things money can buy.

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Lovemaking between the two is likely to be highly passionate with the Ox bringing in all the depth of his/her sensuality and the Dragon the fire of his/her dynamism into the experience.

Even more importantly, both the Ox and Dragon share strong convictions and are willing to stand up for their beliefs. So if the two decide that their love is worthy cause, they will go to any lengths to make their relationship a success, including adjusting their mutual differences. In fact if the couple becomes business partners as well, they have a strong chance of success. The Dragon according to Chinese astrology is lucky with money while the Ox’s practical nature ensures that resources are soundly invested and spent. For the Ox-Dragon pair to pull along together, it is important to keep in mind that their goals are similar and once they realize that, the two can be a formidable team, both in worldly matters as well as in love.

Challenges of an Ox-Dragon love match

In a romantic match between the Ox and Dragon, the ego will probably be the biggest spoiler. Because of an inherent assertiveness, the Dragon, especially a male one, will naturally assume the role of the head of the family. Even if the two are just dating, the Dragon will always tend to control the relationship and take all relevant decisions. While the Ox is patient to an extent, having his/her opinions and wishes repeatedly run over by another person will rouse the fierce temper that lies latent in all Ox individuals. Then again he/she may be irked by her partner’s tendency to always want to be the center of attention. While the Ox is least likely to hanker for the limelight herself, seeing his/her partner being fawned upon by admirers of the opposite sex can goad him/her into a frightful jealousy. This is because to the Ox, it is extremely important to feel secure in a relationship and one of the worst ways he/she can be denied this is by visible evidence of a partner’s excessive popularity.

Diverging social compulsions can also be a crucial factor in marring a compatible Ox-Dragon match. The Dragon is a vivacious and popular creature and can never be far from the spotlight. They revel in the attention that all their friends and acquaintances lavish on them and if they will get not hesitate to go out there in order to soak it all up. The Ox on the other hand is most comfortable at home, nestled in the soft armchair and with an expensive Persian rug to warm his/her feet.
They do not feel the compulsion to flit hither and thither like a desperate moth before a flame. This strong, stolid temperament demands peace and stillness and they are happiest when they can get these in their own luxurious home. Thus trouble may arise when each pulls in an opposite direction and the two have very different views on how to spend a perfect evening.

Also while both the Ox and Dragon are lovers of the good life, they differ on spending habits. So in order keep an Ox partner in a peaceful mood, the Dragon will need to curb a little of his/her extravagance where money is concerned. This is because though the Ox likes to acquire expensive things, they are suspicious of ostentation and impulsive expenditure.

In the end though the fact that both are strongly attached to family bonds and making caring, protective partners can work wonders to smoothen away any issues arising out of their many differences.