The Water Dragon in Chinese Astrology


In almost all astrological systems of the world, the element Water is associated with a dilution of fixed traits as well as encouraging the flow of communication. In a sign like Dragon, this influence works especially well to create a more rounded personality, even though none of the innate fire and dynamism of the sign are weakened.

One of the most important gifts of the element Water is to unblock the channels of communication, making it flow far more easily than in other elements. This especially works well for the Dragon who for all their courage and nobility are often too wrapped up in their egoistic selves. As a result, Dragons tend to make less effort to explain themselves to others, naturally assuming that if there is any lack in understanding, the problem must lie with the other side. The influence of Water however manages to improve the communication skills of the Dragon so that this sign is able to reach out to others through verbal as well as non-verbal cues. The improved communication abilities of the Water Dragon in turn make him/her much more popular than those of other elements which is why this Dragon may turn out to have the largest network of social and personal relationships.

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Another benefit of the easier flow of communication brought on by Water is to grant the Dragon better persuasive skills. So used is the Dragon of having his/her way by the sheer dominance of his/her personality, that sometimes they overlook less confrontational ways of getting things done. When motivated by its inner nature, the Dragon would much rather fall back upon the power of his/her intrinsic assertiveness in order to make things happen, rather than seeking cooperation and volunteer participation. Under the influence of Water though, this Dragon is better able to get things done by persuasion and positive feeling instead of always seeking to have the upper hand. Without losing any of his/her natural intelligence or even leadership, the Water Dragon is better able to work as part of a team and even direct it to success.

Likewise the element Water helps the Dragon to have very fulfilling personal relationships too. One of the biggest problems with the Dragon as a partner faces is the consequence of his/her hugely egoistic nature. In a romantic relationship, the Dragon always needs to be in control, taking decisions on every aspect of the relationship and generally having his/her own way. Over time, this can make for a stifling atmosphere not to mention his/her partner feeling neglected and disempowered.

However since the Water element brings about a kind of humility in the Dragon or at least an ability to see things from another’s point of view, this variety of Dragon has far higher chances of forming loving partnerships than others.

And yet none of this is to suggest that the element Water negates the natural fire and dynamism of the Dragon sign. What Water does is to soften the harshness of some extreme traits while encouraging their positive qualities to flow far more smoothly.