The Metal Dragon in Chinese Astrology


The Dragon is one of the most powerful signs in Chinese astrology. When combined with an element like Metal, which is known to grant intensity, the Dragon is naturally transformed into what is perhaps the most assertive personality of the entire zodiac. At the same time Metal also brings the potential for some dangers which the Dragon needs to be aware of.

By far the most noticeable trait of a Dragon is perhaps its assertiveness. In every situation, the Dragon knows what to do and seems the right person to take things in their hands. It is dominant by nature and does not like being crossed, much less being told what to do. Such a personality acquires a steely edge to it determination when forged in combination with Metal. As such this Dragon can make this happen, no matter how seemingly impossible the circumstances. Armed with unflinching courage and a positive confidence which in turn is grounded in deep intelligence, the Metal Dragon is one of the most successful of the zodiac animal signs. This person usually has great resources at his/her command and always finds a way through.

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One of the most interesting aspects of the Metal Dragon is the quiet force of his/her personality. A person born as a Metal Dragon under the Chinese horoscope can calm conflicts by their sheer presence which radiates strength and intensity – he/she does not need to use physical intimidation or verbal bluster to make others fall in line. People around the Metal Dragon usually find it hard to resist this force, and will often stop making trouble when the Metal Dragon appears.

All the above traits of the Metal Dragon have the potential to become a great leader. He/she not only possesses vast reserves of determination, courage and strength of personality but when moved by genuine causes is also noble and generous. When the sympathies of the Metal Dragon are aroused, he/she can work quietly and tirelessly on behalf of the downtrodden and neglected. This is because along with the Dragon’s innate nobility, the element Metal imparts a physical sturdiness which makes the individual capable of long and hard work.

However what could prevent the Metal Dragon from being a popular leader is an inability to work along with others. Since the Metal Dragon is driven by a keen determination and physical strength that is not possible for everyone else to marshal, he/she often prefers to do things on his/her own. This can sometimes lead to a rather lonely existence which is further accentuated by the fact that the Metal Dragon finds it difficult to trust others. As such in his/her lifetime, the Metal Dragon may have only a few people close to them.

And yet those that this Dragon allows to enter the recesses of his/her heart would find this personality is capable of a love that is as passionate as it is committed. It is not in the nature of Metal Dragon to be very voluble about his/her emotions since he/she would much rather express them through actions and gestures of love. In the end the Metal Dragon makes for a committed and passionate, if slightly silent, partner.