The Fire Dragon in Chinese Astrology


The Fire Dragon symbolizes the meeting ground of two principles with roughly the same traits – dynamism, energy and courage. The consequence is a fantastic personality who is either capable of reaching the summit of every peak in the world or who may burn him/herself out in the process.

The defining trait of the Dragon is perhaps an abundance of initiative which easily takes up any task, any challenge, no matter how difficult it may appear. And when combined with an element life Fire which practically symbolizes the same trait, the dynamism of this Dragon is multiplies several times over. This is a personality who sees life as a series of challenges and sets out to live in accordingly. The Fire Dragon has no time to think of the outcome of his actions, he/she simply dives into a new enterprise with complete abandon or grasps a challenge as soon as it presents itself in his/her path to success. Fire Dragons push forward by instinct, and once an idea has caught hold of them, they do not let go. Their charisma and power is so great that they can often convince everyone around them to follow along, even if their plans are  far from wise.

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What sets the Fire Dragon apart from all other elements is his/her vast reserves of energy. While the Water, Wood and Earth Dragons are more steady in their thoughts and actions, even the Metal Dragon prefers to keep his/her energy under control and channel into a particular course of action. However the Fire Dragon appears to be spurred on wings of enthusiasm and action so that it is not possible for them to rest and contemplate – they must be out there, in the midst of it all and preferably directing all the action themselves. The Dragon possesses an abundance of energy which leads him/her to be involved in several activities at the same time. Apart from professional duties, the Fire Dragon is also likely to thrive in the world of creativity and self-expression. They are most likely to be associated with drama, dance and other performing arts which requires immense inspiration and which offers the scope of directing or leading others.

Another trait of the Fire Dragon is his/her amazing courage. This Dragon is completely unflinching in the face of danger which may compel even other Dragons to take a step back. It is this intrinsic boldness that prompts most people to allow the Fire Dragon to take ascendency and direct others around him/her. As a result, this Dragon can often be seen in leadership positions not only because they have the courage to face the unknown but because their inherent dynamism motivates others to follow them.

And yet all this intensity can also lead the Dragon to hasty or impetuous actions at times. Forethought and planning are not things the Dragon is really famous for, and the Fire Dragon even less so. In fact this instability can also affect the Fire Dragon’s emotions negatively so that he/she can swing from one extreme mood to another. Even worse, this Dragon can be prone to ‘fiery tempers’ and angry outbursts when things are not going his/her way. Such intensity and unpredictability of emotions can not only hurt chances of worldly success but even damage personal relationships.