The Earth Dragon in Chinese Astrology


The element Earth is believed to grant stability and practicality to a sign. When allied with the Dragon, the resulting personality is a great combination – one who loses none of the sign’s natural determination and strength but in turn gains from a higher level of equanimity.

One of the most important implications of an Earthy element is to ground a sign in a practical approach to life. The Dragon in general has a tendency to rush headlong in a project or enterprise; their innate dynamism and boundless courage does not allow them to say no to a challenge. One of the unhappy consequences of this trait is that the typical Dragon ends up taking too many risks in life and though their natural luck often minimizes the damage, still they lose time on the way to reaching the top. The Earth Dragon on the other hand is more capable of following a course of action guided by logic and reason.
They are less inclined to be driven merely by a surge of adrenaline and would rather give an idea or project careful thought. As a result this Dragon is far more likely to succeed in his/her ventures than some of the others, if only because they probably have exit routes and back-up plans in place in case things go wrong.

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Yet another quality of Earth is to make the Dragon more patient in nature, especially as compared to the fiery or metallic avatars. The Earth Dragon is much more stable in nature and is not given to rushing about in a bid to be involved in every big cause or project that is under way on the face of the planet. One of the happy consequences of a greater level of patience is that this Dragon is emotionally stable and not so much given to extreme mood swings that characterize the Fire Dragon or simmering intensity that is present in the metal Dragon. One of the worst traits of the Dragon is considered to their quick tempers and capacity for immense rage. In the Earth Dragon this danger is much lessened since they have a more stable temperament, one which can take in the ups and downs of life with greater equanimity instead of being driven immediately to respond to them.

This is however not to imply that the Earth Dragon has a passive personality – indeed that would imply going against the very grain of the Dragon nature. There is every bit of the tenacity and courage that is typical of the Dragon sign but minus a good deal of the impetuosity that is responsible for a good deal of mistakes committed by a Dragon. And even though the Earth Dragon may seem slightly slow in comparison with his/her cousins of other elements, he/she is always alert for potential difficulties and can strike with lightning speed if the occasion demands.

Finally this Dragon more than any other is grounded to ties of the family and home. The Earth Dragon because of his/her stable temperament makes a very understanding and helpful spouse and parent. One of the traits of this Dragon is a high sense of responsibility to those under their care which makes the Earth Dragon cater to every need and comfort of their family. Also this Dragon is extremely protective, not only of his/her immediate family members but even of those who are a part of their close circle.