The Dragon Zodiac Sign in Chinese Astrology


Both in Orient and Occident, the Dragon is associated with power, strength and a fiery courage. In Chinese astrology though, the destructive potential of the Dragon is much toned down and instead the figure takes on the symbolism of a creative vitality and dynamic energy.

The most defining trait of a Dragon is perhaps its assertiveness. In every situation, the Dragon knows what to do and seems the right person to take things in their hands. It is dominant by nature and does not like being crossed, much less being told what to do. And incredibly what allows the Dragon to get away with throwing about his/her weight around is the fact that their assertiveness is backed by knowledge and courage. So positive is the Dragon’s assertion that people recognize its true worth and only rarely do some dare to argue the point. Above all the Dragon is fearless and can face upto any kind of disaster or emergency. It is this intrinsic boldness that prompts most people to allow the Dragon to take ascendency and direct others around him/her. As a result, the Dragon can often be seen in leadership positions not only because they have the courage to face the unknown but because their inherent dynamism motivates others to follow them.

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The downside of the Dragon’s assertiveness is a tendency to arrogance. They typically think that they know best and others would do well to follow their example. The Dragon has very definite opinions and has never heard of things like putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. This trait is closely related to an inability to let go; once the Dragon has decided upon him/herself to defend a cause or promote a friend, he/she will keep at it long after the person or matter concerned has ceased to be relevant. This is the reason why the Dragon is often accused of being a busybody, one who thrusts his/her own opinions on others and barges into matters not directly concerning them. Due to all these traits, the Dragon can sometimes becomes less popular with friends and acquaintances.

And yet no one can resist the essential dynamism of this personality. The Dragon possesses an abundance of energy which leads him/her to be involved in several activities at the same time. Apart from professional duties, the Dragon thrives in the world of creativity and self-expression. They are most likely to be associated with drama, dance and other performing arts which has an element of spectacle and which offers the scope of directing or leading others.

And yet what lifts the energy, creativity and assertiveness of the Dragon beyond mere egoism is a strong ethical nature. More often than not the Dragon can be found at the forefront of espousing a worthy cause for which he/she will work tirelessly and ceaselessly. The Dragon is the least likely among all Chinese zodiac animals to be associated with treachery and dishonesty. They are far above any sort of manipulation and trickery and indeed can be quite harsh with people who practice such low methods to get their way.

In their professional lives, the Dragon delivers best when placed in a position of managing others. Their dynamism, assertiveness and inherent courage are just the qualities that are required to lead by example. Even though the Dragon’s temper and bossiness at times many lead to unhappiness in the ranks, still most of the times the Dragon is able to quell opposition by the sheer power of his/her own ethical and fearless nature. On the flipside, the Dragon finds it extremely difficult to take orders from anyone and this could be a problem for individuals starting to make their way in the professional ladder.

One of the most significant traits that the Dragon displays in the workplace is an ability to work long and hard. He/she can be given the most daunting tasks and can be relied upon to find ways to go about them. And yet the Dragon does not take very well to menial or petty jobs – it is only when they are given big, worthwhile projects that the fullest extent of their tenacity and industriousness are brought into play.

All their professional traits make the Dragon particularly suited in managerial positions, head of creative organizations and the armed forces. An important thing to remember about the Dragon’s ambitious and active working habits is that they are not so much motivated by the prospect of making money as by the idea of achieving something big and leaving their own stamp on a project or cause that they undertook.

In matters of personal relationship, the Dragon attracts members of opposite sex with their dynamic and charismatic personality. they have a definite impulsive streak which prompts them to woo their beloved in a fantastic way. And yet they are not overly romantic in nature. The thrust of this personality is outward, in the cut and thrust of everyday world, where there are people to managed, projects to command and causes to lead. The Dragon’s assertive nature could also become a problem in case of intimate relationships. So used to is this personality in having his/her own way that they tend to lack a flexibility or ability to see an alternate side of the matter. Such traits make living with the Dragon sometimes trying to the nerves, especially for individuals who are equally certain of their own convictions. Despite these, having a Dragon in the family is a blessing since they tend to take their responsibilities as a parent and spouse very seriously. They will do their best to provide the necessities and comforts of life and fight tenaciously on account of those they love as they do regarding other aspects of life.

As a consequence of their workaholic natures and their desire to be in the thick of action, the Dragon tends to accumulate stress and this is most often reflected in the tense muscles of the neck and scalp which could even result in the propensity for migraines and headaches. So ample rest and a healthy diet is extremely important for the Dragon to remain in good shape. This personality responds very well to changes in location which is why vacations or even short breaks are recommended to restore their vitality and energy.