The element Earth is believed to grant stability and practicality to a sign. When allied with the Dragon, the resulting personality is a great combination – one who loses none of the sign’s natural determination and strength but in turn gains from a higher level of equanimity.

The Fire Dragon symbolizes the meeting ground of two principles with roughly the same traits – dynamism, energy and courage. The consequence is a fantastic personality who is either capable of reaching the summit of every peak in the world or who may burn him/herself out in the process.

The Dragon is one of the most powerful signs in Chinese astrology. When combined with an element like Metal, which is known to grant intensity, the Dragon is naturally transformed into what is perhaps the most assertive personality of the entire zodiac. At the same time Metal also brings the potential for some dangers which the Dragon needs to be aware of.

In almost all astrological systems of the world, the element Water is associated with a dilution of fixed traits as well as encouraging the flow of communication. In a sign like Dragon, this influence works especially well to create a more rounded personality, even though none of the innate fire and dynamism of the sign are weakened.

In Chinese astrology, Wood is believed to be an element which promotes fellow-feeling and generosity in a sign. This is good thing in the Dragon who can be sometimes trapped in the high tower of his/her own ego. At the same time Wood also enhances many of the positive traits of the Dragon like his/her essentially noble and ethical nature.

Both in Orient and Occident, the Dragon is associated with power, strength and a fiery courage. In Chinese astrology though, the destructive potential of the Dragon is much toned down and instead the figure takes on the symbolism of a creative vitality and dynamic energy.

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