The Dog Zodiac Sign in Chinese Astrology


In Chinese astrological system, Dog is typified by several traits found in the actual animal. And yet apart from being loyal and sincere, this type possesses many other characteristics which increase the complexity and enhance the worth of the personality.

By far the most distinctive characteristic of this astrological sign and one which is well symbolized by the animal counterpart is a natural protective instinct. The Dog is very caring by nature and can be trusted to come up with both words of sympathy as well as practical aid in times of need. At the same time he/she can be quite fierce in their attempts to protect those that they consider their personal responsibility. The ancient Chinese sages considered the Dog as the Giver of Life since they are prepared to sacrifice their own dreams, ambitions and desires for the sake of others, particularly for those they love.

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For the above reason it comes as no surprise that the Dog is capable of both manifesting in him/herself and inspiring in others meaningful qualities like deep friendship, loyalty and honesty. They usually make friends for life and are staunch companions. Their warmth, empathy and genuine interest in others win them many close friendships. Dogs inspire confidence in others and the confidence is justified since they are very reliable in keeping secrets for others. Among all the animal signs of the Chinese zodiac, the Dog would be the least likely to gossip around. But despite forming close friendships, they are not very popular in the social circuit. Part of the reason could be their intrinsic mercurial character.

When the Dog is happy and peaceful, there is no one more fun and enjoyable to be with; however as soon as circumstances change for the worse, there is a profound effect on his/her mood and the Dog can become anxious, irritable and nervy. It is this lack of emotional stability which prevents the Dog from being a very popular person and even leads him/her to be misunderstood at times.

However the most noteworthy trait of the Dog is their righteous natures. Born with an innate sense of decency and a need for equilibrium in a chaotic world, Dogs strongly denounce injustice and wrongdoing, generously giving useful and effective advice to those around them. They value honor and truth and are usually among the first to speak out against injustice and champion the cause of the downtrodden. At the same time though the Dog can get quite opinionated and fixed in their ideals. Frequently this character becomes stubborn in the extreme since they know what is right and what they want and will not be convinced otherwise. Another negative trait of the Dog is that at times they are given to deep pessimism; often cynical, this personality is feared for their sharp tongue and sometimes biting remarks which, though honest, end up hurting others. When cowed by unhappy circumstances, the Dog gives the impression of looking systematically for faults in everyone and everything around. This is partly because they are so conscious of justice and righteousness that they simply cannot bear things being otherwise.

The natural sense of duty and justice makes the Dog suitable for positions where great causes need to be championed but without being distracted by personal ambition. Thus this character could make a great captain of industry, an active trade union leader, a priest or an educator. At the same time the Dog is a good listener and thus could be ideal for jobs like counseling, therapy, human resource management and other personnel work. In fact this quality even extends to the Dog’s facility with various languages with the result that many diplomats of the world have come from the ranks of this animal type. Above all, the Dog possesses an intrinsic capacity to resolve problems affecting others even though it is less adept at sorting out their own emotional insecurities.

Apart from these, Dogs also make good bankers, accountants and auditors, partly due to the fact that once having being hooked to a project, they are capable of working with careful attention and sense of purpose. And though their keen sense of duty and honesty would never tempt them to cook the account-book, they are not very good at managing their personal finances, often spending more than they earn. In the end though the Dog is a hard and conscientious worker and is usually able to get out of any financial mess.

In personal relationships, the over-riding need of the Dog is emotional security. This character constantly needs to be told by a partner how wonderful and special he/she is and only then do they really feel good about being in a relationship. In order to rise above their own pessimistic natures, they need constant encouragement and support from loved ones if they are to give their best in a personal situation. However when he/she feels like it, the Dog can be very charming indeed which is why they rarely lack admirers and lovers. Turning this instant attraction into a meaningful relationship can however be a challenge for the Dog who often finds his/her emotional instability coming in the way. Since this personality depends so much on feedback from others, he/she is prone to straying in personal relationships; when feeling unloved or neglected, the Dog can look for appreciation elsewhere and one thing can quickly lead to another.

Despite their tendency for mood swings and unhappy complications resulting from it, on the whole the Dog makes a caring spouse and parent. When kept happy and busy in a committed relationship, this character will prove exceedingly loyal and helpful. They are usually extremely supportive especially of partners who they perceive of lacking confidence and would encourage them with the same drive they pursue their own careers and interests. As parents the Dog is highly protective and has a keen sense of duty so that their kids are unlikely to lack for anything while growing up.

Healthwise, the Dog is most vulnerable to afflictions of the nervous system which could be physically manifest as ailments of the throat and the kidneys. This is primarily because of the tendency of the Dog to see things as darker than they actually are and also because of the feeling that they are not loved enough. A nutritious diet and ample physical exercise usually are usually enough to keep the Dog physically healthy but for their overall wellbeing it is more important that they have stimulating company and are happy and secure in their personal relationships.