How to Appear Thinner than you are

Having the ideal body is everyone’s dream...and an elusive one at that. When you've tried everything like gyms, crazy diets, sulking, etc., there's nothing more frustrating than looking at your picture on a networking site and going “I look fat”. While we work on our bodies diligently to achieve those results, in the interim, there are some things you can do to appear thin. It's just like they say “Nothing succeeds like the vision of success”. 


Your posture is of utmost importance. You will realize when you stand up straight with your shoulders out that your tummy immediately looks flatter. Walk with your chest and butt out. This is not to elicit any kind of reaction from the opposite sex. However, you will see that your body looks much fitter when you walk with the right posture. When you sit up straight with your shoulders upright, your back gets a slight curve. Also, a slouch is most unattractive because it likens your appearance to an old and ill person. Notice how really old and unfit people slouch. Sit up straight and you can improve your appearance in three seconds flat.


Buy underclothes that fit you well. Do not wear bras or panties that are a size too small. Your underclothes are the first thing that come in contact with your body and provide the basic shape. If the basic silhouette of your body is bumpy because of the tight elastic waist band of your panties, there's not much great clothes can do to make you look thin. Wearing a bra too small will make your breasts spill out making it look unseemly. You don't have to spend a fortune buying designer lingerie but you can spend some time researching the right brand for you.


Your clothes should be fitted but not super tight. Wear clothes that look tailor made for your body. Do not fall into the trap of wearing loose clothes to hide parts of your body you're not happy with. Clothes that are too loose will make you look frumpy. Clothes that are too tight will make you look flabby. Also, identify what clothes look best on you. Some girls can pull off short skirts while some look great in strappy dresses. One needs to be realistic to identify what one should and should not wear. Consult a friend who cares for you. Go through a process of experimentation. Try clothes in your room, take pictures and assess if you can pull off that style. Pictures never lie...unless they're the ones you've taken at a fair. Pants that are wide at the bottom will make you look larger. Avoid pockets and pleats on your pants as they will add unwanted girth. Belts attract attention to your middle. Therefore, unless you are completely confident about your tummy, avoid the belt. Voluminous skirts and bubble dresses are not a good idea at all. Wear dresses and skirts in fabrics that flow and are not stiff. 


It's a fact that’s universally acknowledged that black makes you look thinner. Why do you think models and celebrities always wear black. That said and done, you don't want to look like Emily Dickinson all your life. So, try other deep and dark colours. Colours that are light expose flaws while deep and dark colours hide them. Try deep browns, maroon, navy blue, etc.     


Large prints will make you look larger. Make delicate prints in not so busy colours work for you. Prints are tricky. Do not mix two prints. For instance striped pants with a floral shirt is a no-no. Do wear vertical stripes since they make you look thinner and taller.


Heels improve your posture and will make you look thinner. Shoes play a large part in completing your look. You may have selected the right outfit that accentuates your plus points but if you wear flats or flip flops with it, you will ruin the look. Experiment with kitten heels, pencil heels and pumps. 

Face contouring

There are several things you can do with make up to make your face look thinner. Use foundation to create a base; then use your blusher to create higher cheek bones to give your face that instant thinner look. You can use make up to your advantage in several different ways. 


Haircuts that frame your face and end at your shoulders will make you look thinner. Shorter haircuts should be tried if one is completely confident about one's face. If you feel your cheeks are a little chubby or if you have a double chin, a short haircut is not going to help you hide them. Longer hair can be styled in a way that makes your face look thinner.


You can get a tan to look thin. I know it sounds weird but somehow tanned people look thinner and fitter. This doesn't help if you are supremely overweight. But if you have piled on some holiday weight, then tanning will help you.

Waist shaper panties

These are the new corsets that give the required shape to your body. You can get the ones that hold in your tummy or the ones with the legs that give the much desired shape to your legs or the full body ones.

Cut out the fat talk

It’s most unattractive to hear a woman go on and on about her weight or even about the new diet she's trying in the hopes of losing five pounds. Sure, you don't look like anything like what you did when you were twenty. However, chances are you're not the elephant you think you are. When it comes to our bodies, we are our worst critics. So, by incessantly talking about your failure to lose weight or how you can't get into your old clothes, you're putting thoughts into people's heads about your “fat”. Be gracefully silent about your weight (by that, I don't mean-be in denial and wear a catsuit) and continue the workout and diets.

Understand what tips to incorporate in your daily life. For instance, having great posture and walking tall will always be beneficial. Understand that some of the tips are quick fixes and can be used if you want to look good for that particular party or wedding. For instance, the tanning and waist shaper panties should not become a permanent solution and replace your workout regime. Continue the effort to get into shape and use these tips in the meantime to look thinner and fitter.