Venus in the Twelfth House


Here's what Venus in the twelfth house signifies:

Venus in the twelfth house inclines to romance, and denotes obscure or clandestine love affairs. The native will be involved in a strong attachment, which will escape the notice of others unless the planet Venus is afflicted by Mars or the Moon ; if well aspected, a fortunate love affair will lend interest to the native's life. This position often causes an early marriage, but brings the native into contact with those who may have power to influence the affections after marriage ; where Venus is afflicted by Saturn, divorce or separation will result as the outcome of this second attachment, but if well aspected the native has the power to love unselfishly, and will do much for those he loves. This is a dangerous position if Venus is in either Scorpio or Capricorn, and also in some cases, when in Aries or Cancer.