Venus in the Seventh House


Here's what Venus in the seventh house signifies:

Venus in the seventh house promises a happy marriage ; the partner will be attractive and pleasing and generally fortunate. Venus joys in the seventh' is an old aphorism, for the seventh is the house and home of the planet Venus. The afflictions to this planet must be very severe to cause unhappiness in the marriage state, though they may delay or hinder marriage; but the position of Venus alone is sufficient to ensure happiness, or a partner whose influence upon the life is beneficial. Success socially and financially comes after marriage and the help and assistance brought into it by the partner's influence is such as to improve the whole of the future life of the native. If well aspected the whole of the life will turn upon marriage, but the best aspects will be those of the Moon and Jupiter, even the good aspects of Mars, Saturn and Uranus tending to act adversely upon the pure influence of Venus.