Venus in the Second House


Here's what Venus in the second house signifies:

Venus denotes gain through social condition ; friendships ; society ; marriage ; pleasures; amusements ; finery ; domestic affairs ; jewellery ; adornments; upholstery ; millinery ; hosiery ; wearing apparel ; hotels; restaurants. good aspects to Saturn are fortunate for the accumulation of money. for money invested, and for banking. Venus in good aspect to the Moon denotes gain through social intercourse, and public gatherings and the general public. In good aspect to Jupiter : profitable dealings with friends and influential persons, also gain through travel and foreign affairs. In good aspect with Uranus : gain through peculiar and exceptional circumstances, strangers and acquaintances. Venus in affliction with Mars denotes waste, impulsive, over-liberal tendencies, and losses through carelessness and extravagance generally. Venus in affliction with Saturn : fear of poverty, losses which the native has no power to prevent, wasting of substance, and monetary difficulties. In affliction with Uranus : sudden and very unexpected financial losses.