Venus Rising - Venus in the First House or Ascendant


VENUS rising refines and beautifies the love nature, and indeed its effect when in the ascendant is altogether beneficial and fortunate for the native. It denotes artistic or musical accomplishments, and gives an affectionate and devoted disposition. It favours the social life and makes the native attractive and desirable. It is only when afflicted that the good influence of Venus is hindered, and then it is more often owing to the simple and trustful nature engendered by this planet. Venus governs the affectional and binding side of the nature, and when the emotions are purified and refined it elevates the affections to the plane of the Soul, separating them from the senses and thus making the love of the native immortal.

Venus in Aries : Idealistic ; impressionable ; generous ; artistic ; expressive.
Venus in Taurus : Nice ; kind-hearted ; sociable ; fond of pleasure and art.
Venus in Gemini : Thoughtful ; considerate ; inventive ; sympathetic ; genuine
Venus in Cancer : Economical ; changeable in affection ; easily influenced.
Venus in Leo : Romantic ; eager for popularity ; musical ; fortunate in love.
Venus in Virgo : Chaste ; given to extremes in affection, or intrigue.
Venus in Libra : Encouraging and helpful to others ; equable in affection.
Venus in Scorpio : Seductive ; jealous ; always liable to extremes.
Venus in Sagittarius : Sincere ; impressionable ; fascinating ; dual love affairs.
Venus in Capricorn : Irresolute ; fickle in affection ; when attached, devoted.
Venus in Aquarius : Obliging ; chaste ; isolated ; idealistic and romantic.
Venus in Pisces : Natural and thoughtful where affection is concerned.