Venus in the Eleventh House


Here's what it signifies to have Venus in the eleventh house:

Venus in the eleventh house denotes much gain and help through friends, whose desire will be to forward the interests of the native, and who will help him by thoughts of kindness and goodwill, as well as by action. The planets aspecting Venus are important. If in conjunction or good aspect with :

Sun: Gain and prosperity through friends, especially women.

Moon: Love of pleasure, society, amusements, popularity.

If applying to the conjunction of:

Neptune: A very remarkable love affair or attachment, where extreme disparity of age or other unusual features exist ; platonic love

Uranus: A romantic and extraordinary love attachment, the result of some great fascination.

Saturn: A fatalistic and very sad attachment.

Jupiter: Great joy and happiness through friends.

Mars: Passionate attachments and impulsive affections.

Mercury: Danger of deception through clever men.

If afflicted by Mars or Saturn, unfortunate friends. But no harm will ever come to this native through his friends unless he is inclined to go to excess in pleasure and indulgence.