Venus in the Fourth House


Venus in the fourth denotes a peaceful end to the life amid comfort, and successful achievement to hopes and wishes. It promises gain by inheritance, concord and happiness from parents, and a satisfactory home life. This is a very favourable position for all affairs of a domestic nature, and is a sure token of a good finish at the close of life. If afflicted it is not so very disastrous, except that it affects finance and denotes grief and sorrow at the close of life when in a sign that is not congenial to the nature of Venus. If afflicted by : Uranus, some sudden reversals of fortune or extraordinary experiences; Mars, carelessness and looseness of morals, or a tendency to be extravagant at the latter part of the life. Venus in the fourth house in good aspect with the luminaries is very fortunate and makes the whole life a success, fortune favouring the termination of all transactions, tending to bring all undertakings to a successful issue.