Here's what Venus in the third house signifies:

Venus in the third house is very favourable, giving much love of art and refined literature, poetry, music, painting and all the higher attributes of the mind and mental faculties. The mental qualifications are of the highest, making the mind bright, hopeful, peaceful and harmonious. When Venus is in good aspect to the Moon or in conjunction with Mercury this position considerably modifies an otherwise adverse horoscope, for the mind is naturally inclined to be pure and free from vice or evil intent.

Here's what Venus in the twelfth house signifies:

Venus is the natural ruler of Taurus and Libra. It orbits the Sun between Mercury and Earth and has a rotational cycle of 224.7 days. Venus sometimes moves faster than the Sun and also has periods of retrograde motion, so it can appear to be behind the Sun or ahead of it. Venus is a feminine planet. Venus rules beauty, diplomacy, pleasant manners, aesthetic sense, affection, love and romance. If afflicted, it can denote over-indulgence, debauchery, infidelity, jealousy and selfishness. A well-placed Venus can make a person charming and attractive.

VENUS rising refines and beautifies the love nature, and indeed its effect when in the ascendant is altogether beneficial and fortunate for the native. It denotes artistic or musical accomplishments, and gives an affectionate and devoted disposition. It favours the social life and makes the native attractive and desirable. It is only when afflicted that the good influence of Venus is hindered, and then it is more often owing to the simple and trustful nature engendered by this planet.

Venus in the eighth house denotes a peaceful and easy death, but if afflicted death may be caused through pleasure, or its pursuit. If much afflicted: kidney troubles may cause death, or diabetes and obesity or urinary troubles. This position promises financial gain by marriage or partnerships. It also denotes gain by legacy or through money that may be left by will or the goods of those who have passed from the physical into the next plane of existence.

Venus in the fifth house denotes successful love affairs, the capacity to fully enjoy and extract the full measure of joy out of life. It gives ability to entertain others and much success in connection with entertainments, concerts and social gatherings and shows general domestic felicity. It promises gain through speculation, investment and general enterprise. This position of Venus favours a fruitful union, and gives children who are specially endowed with artistic or musical talents.

Here's what Venus in the ninth house signifies:

Here's what Venus in the second house signifies:

Here's what Venus in the seventh house signifies:

Here's what Venus in the tenth house signifies:


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