Uranus Aspects Saturn - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square


Uranus Aspects Saturn – Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

Any good aspect will deepen and intensify the nature in some respect, but this may vary according to the type of horoscope. With some, it increases the strength of the will, gives a very fixed and unchanging nature, one that can form its plans a long way ahead and spend a lifetime in carrying them out. It concentrates the mind, gives thoughtfulness and seriousness, ability to plan and control, formulate and reduce to order and method. This general tendency may operate either through the feelings and emotions (fire and water), or the reasoning mind (air and earth), according to position by sign and the type of horoscope; its good influence giving control and orderliness in either direction. Whether the inward power thus shown will be carried out into actual practice in daily life, depends a good deal upon whether the influences in the horoscope are chiefly positive or negative. It attracts somewhat in the direction of psychism and occultism, and gives some success in these matters; but here either angular position or the good aspects of the Moon or Mercury are usually necessary if the influence is to amount to much in actual life. The effect as regards health is to conserve the vitality and prolong life, especially after middle age; but probably this will not operate greatly unless one or both are in good aspect to the luminaries or the ascendant. If favourably placed, its power of concentration and control may be brought to bear upon business and worldly affairs with fortunate results.

In bad aspects these planets are extremely likely to affect the health injuriously, either sooner or later, according to directions. Their mere presence in the same sign, even if not in conjunction, is liable to weaken that part of the body ruled by the sign or the house, unless well aspected by Sun, Moon, or Ascendant. Their diseases are long-continued, complicated, and frequently incurable. The general tendency under bad aspects will be much the same as under good ones, but misapplied, wrongly-used, inverted, or attended by bad luck. For instance, when in opposition or square, there may be as much strength of will, control, and force of character as when in trine, but the result may be continual bad luck in those matters signified by whichever is the weaker of the two; or, in a thoroughly evil type of horoscope, the powers may be deliberately used for wrong ends, producing a dangerous criminal; or, again, in an unevolved nature, the outcome may be indolence, sloth, tamasic inertia that never progresses, never improves. This may show mentally or morally, according to sign, or, if angular, in practical life but the evil effects are not usually serious except when other testimonies concur, either by radical position or by direction.