How to Attract and Seduce a Taurus Woman


Taurus women are hardworking, practical, deliberate, and domestic. They make wonderful wives. The Taurus woman will keep your home tidy, your check book balanced, and cook up the most delicious home-cooked meals, all without spending too much of course. The Taurus woman loves a good meal, but she also loves a good value, and while she is ruled by her senses, her pragmatic nature won't allow her to be frivolous. It's not difficult to see why a man would want to attract and seduce a Taurus woman. Let's talk about some of the ways that you can do this.

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Be sensible and practice good old-fashioned, straightforward, common sense

The Taurus woman will be most impressed by a man who has his head on straight. Don't think you can win her over by with spontaneity or whimsy. The Taurus woman is not an impulsive dreamer. She makes good choices, and she takes her time making them. She expects any man worthy of her attention to do the same.

Get your finances in order

The Taurus woman is attracted to fiscal responsibility. She won't abide a man who lets money burn a hole in his pocket. Learn how to spend and save wisely, and you're much more likely to win the heart of a Taurus woman.

Take her out to the best restaurant in town

You would think that the practical nature of the Taurus woman would make her averse to a fancy restaurant, but that's where you'd be wrong. Taurus is an earth sign, meaning that the Taurus woman is ruled by the five senses. She is a very physical being and delights in sensory experiences. Wherever you bring her to eat, make sure that it comes with linen tablecloths and a five star rating. But it also wouldn't hurt to throw in a line like, “Yes, I love eating here. I factor it into my budget every month.” The Taurus woman will be drawn to a man who appreciates the finer things in life, such as a rich and delicious meal, but also takes the time to make sure he can afford such indulgences. The Taurus woman loves both luxury and sensibility, almost in equal measure.

Wear fragrant, masculine cologne or aftershave lotion

Remember that the Taurus woman is acutely connected to the world through her senses. If you wear cologne or some form of manly fragrance, you're much more likely to leave a lasting, positive impression on her.

Take her out to the symphony

The Taurus woman has a deep, emotional connection to music. She is a great appreciator of the aesthetics of the world. Take her out to a concert or the opera, and she's sure to have a wonderful time. Taurus is ruled by the planet of Venus, which is the planet of beauty.

Take her to an art museum

Another way to connect with your Venus-ruled woman is to take her to a local art museum. The Taurus woman appreciates anything beautiful, and she usually has a profound appreciation for art. Many Taurus women are artists themselves. Taking her to an art museum could lead to her opening up to you a little more and telling you all about her hobbies of drawing or painting.

Take her for a hike or pack a picnic and spend the day at a lake or pond

Because Taurus is an earth sign, the Taurus woman is drawn to nature. Spending time with her in nature is a surefire way to help her feel closer to you. She will be much more likely to open up, and you'll get to know so much more about her. If you do pack that picnic, be sure to put lots of delicious cheeses and a top shelf bottle of wine in there. The Taurus woman has some hedonistic tendencies and is always looking to experience the world through the sense of taste. She can be a real foodie. Appealing to these tendencies is a great way to make sure that she has a good time, and she'll be more likely to accept future date invitations from you.

Dress neatly and keep your house and car tidy

The Taurus woman has no patience for anything messy or out of order. She'll cringe if your shirt is wrinkled or your socks don't match. When you pick her up for a date, make sure your hair is neatly combed and your shirt freshly pressed. The Taurus woman won't get into a car filled with trash or fast-food wrappers. If she does, she'll be making a mental note to never accept a date from you again. In her mind, she's learned everything that she needs to know about you just from the state of disorder that your vehicle is in. When you bring her back to your place, make sure that your house is tidy. She'll probably cut you some slack, seeing as you are a bachelor, but if the couch is covered in grease stains and dirty clothes, she'll probably come to the conclusion that you're more than she can handle mess-wise. The Taurus woman likes her environment orderly and clean. She won't be able to seriously consider you as a potential future husband, if she knows that you're going to be a constant disruption to her comfort and cleanliness.

Be respectful of her routine

The Taurus woman is a creature of habit. Don't try to disrupt her routine. If she tells that she can't go out with you Thursday night, because Thursday night is when she does her laundry, which is that. You won't be able to convince her to simply do her laundry Friday evening instead. The Taurus woman really is stubborn as a bull. Know that she isn't making an excuse or trying to get rid of you (probably), it's just that the Taurus woman likes structure. Suggest another evening for the two of you to go out and move on. The Taurus woman is set in her ways and slows to change, but this also means that she is steadfast and reliable.