How to Get Your Taurus Man Back


Taurus is one of the kindest, most patient, and steadfast of sun signs. The Taurus man is a man in every sense of the word. He is strong, predictable, and very masculine. He expects his woman to be feminine, but is also intelligent and able to take charge of her own life and success. A Taurus man makes the perfect half of a power couple, especially considering his inclination for hard work and growing his wealth. He enjoys the finer things in life, and he isn't afraid of putting in some long hours of elbow grease in order to get those things. If you've fallen out of favor with your Taurus man, and you're hoping to convince him to give the relationship another try, you're in luck. The Taurus man's calm, patient, and practical demeanor makes it likely that he will, at the very least, be willing to consider it. If you take the time to understand the personality traits of the Taurus man, you stand a much better chance of endearing yourself to him and reigniting the spark the two of you once had.

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Be patient

The Taurus man is slow-moving, careful, and deliberate. The Taurus man will take his time coming to a decision, but when he makes a choice he sticks with it. It is likely that if you broach the topic of getting back together, he will want to take his time mulling it over. You won't get a yes or no right away. You may find your patience wearing thin, as your ever-grounded and sturdy Taurus man seems to be plodding along, in no real hurry to make up his mind. Give him the benefit of the doubt and be willing to work within his time-frame. You can be assured that when he does come to a decision he means it. You won't have to worry about him waffling or changing his mind after the fact.

Be Trusting

Trust issues can tear even the strongest relationships apart. Trust is a key component in any romance. There isn't any reason to be distrustful or suspicious of the Taurus man. The Taurus man is not the type to let his eyes wander.  He enjoys stability and routine. These are certainly not the characteristics of a womanizer or bed-hopper. You can trust the Taurus man who commits himself to you. He is wholly yours and wholly trustworthy. Dress up for him, spend some time on your hair and makeup, and put a few dabs of your best perfume on your throat and behind your ears. The Taurus man loves beauty. Taurus is an earth sign, meaning that the Taurus man has a stronger connection to the sensory experience than most. He has a strong emotional reaction to sights, sounds, smells, and even tactile sensations that please him. He is ruled by the planet of Venus, which is characterized by love, beauty, and sensuality. Use his strong attachment to his senses to your advantage. Make sure that he finds you pleasant to look at. Give him a hint of floral or womanly musk to enjoy. You might also put on some beautiful music. Hold his hand and touch him as often as possible. With the Taurus man, a physical connection can strengthen an emotional connection. He loves comfort and can be a bit of a hedonist. If being near you is an enthralling sensory experience, you're sure to capture his attention.

Don't try to change him

True to his sun sign; the Taurus man is stubborn as a bull. He is obstinate and slow to change. If you think that the problems that caused your relationship to fracture are due to a personality flaw on his part, you may want to think again. The Taurus man is not the type to rethink his worldview or make drastic changes in his life. Don't ask him to fundamentally change who he is. This is really never a good idea with any partner, because it isn't fair to treat another person as if they are a fixer-upper. But this tactic is especially unfair when it comes to the Taurus man, because change is a contradiction to everything in his nature. That being said, the Taurus man is likely to put just as much work as you (if not more!) into strengthening your relationship. He is open to compromise. He is hospitable and understanding. He can be stubborn, but also very empathetic. He is hardworking and incredibly persevering. He wants to make his woman happy, and he will keep plugging away and working at the relationship, until the two of you find your place of harmony. Harmony is something that he values highly, after all. To have fighting and strain in his relationship is a threat to the order and stability in his life.

Don't criticize his financial affairs

Money can be a huge source of conflict in many relationships, but you have nothing to worry about with the Taurus man. At first glance, it may appear that the Taurus man is fast and loose with his money. He can be self-indulgent and materialistic. He loves fine dining and may even be referred to as a “foodie.” He is generous and will shower the people he loves with gifts. Despite his love of material comforts, the Taurus man is quite financially savvy and knows how to spot a good value. His money rarely goes to waste and he's scrappy enough to regenerate his money faster than he spends it. The Taurus man lives in financial security and knows when to invest in mutual funds and when to buy some blue-chip stock. He knows all of the tricks and terminology of investment strategy and if you want to see your money grow, you'd do well to let him guide you, or simply take control of the finances for the both of you.