Taurus - characteristics and profile of the Taurus man, woman, child and baby


Pure Taureans tend to be earthy - 'slow but sure'. Their 'bullishness' can under extreme pressure be expressed in violent outbursts of rage, but more usually they are like oxen, plodding forwards steadily, strongly and surely.

Taurus is an 'earthy' sign of the zodiac and material things are of major importance to the typical Taurean. He or she is no ascetic, dining on dry bread and water, but revels in all'1he appetites, loving the pleasures of the table, physical contacts with the opposite sex, comforts and luxuries of every kind. Material possessions are of great importance to the Taurean.

All this may sound unattractive, and so it would be if that was all there was to the Taurean. But with the strong physical appetites goes a generous nature, an astonishing capacity for hard and painstaking effort, and, rather unexpectedly, a tendency to generate brilliantly imaginative ideas. It is probably this last characteristic, allied with a stubbornness that refuses to admit defeat, which has resulted in some strongly Taurean personalities, such as Ulysses S. Grant, becoming outstanding soldiers.

Characteristically Taurean men and women have included Catherine the Great, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Greta Garbo, Bing Crosby, Orson Welles and Barbra Streisand.

Sexuality and the Emotions

Taureans value their possessions, and as far as they are concerned their partners are the most valued possession of all. Consequently, an emotional characteristic of many Taureans is a tendency to jealousy: a rival is not just a rival, but a thief who is trying to steal the Taurean's rightful property. Taurean jealousy is often nursed for a long time before it is outwardly expressed. Anger smoulders away for weeks or months, even years, until it flames up into a rage which transforms the placid Taurean ox into a mad bull or - just as frighteninga mad heifer.

The positive side of Taurean sexual possessiveness finds expression in a caring attitude towards partners. The husband or wife of the Taurean is cared for with devoted constancy.

In spite of this, Taureans are capable of outbursts of intense physical passion which can be almost as alarming as their rages.


General Character

'Phlegmatic' was a word often applied to the Taurean by the astrologers of old, and it is true that a stolid practicality, a certain earthiness, is the most notable trait of the pure Taurean. But this earthiness is a fertile field on the slopes of a volcano rather than a placid meadow. Taurean children, hard-working at school and usually 'biddable' at home, are capable of rare outbursts of rage - usually jealous rage - which are even more alarming than the tantrums of the Arian child because they are so totally unexpected and, so it seems, 'out of character'.

In adulthood the Taurean's goals are security, comfort and lack of anxiety. The Taurean hates to be worried; he/she will cope with almost anything except anxiety about the unexpected and the inexplicable.

When anxiety is inflicted on Taureans by the surrounding environment or those who live in it, their tendency is to 'move away' - in both the literal and the metaphorical senses. This, in fact, is almost the only circumstance in which a Taurean will voluntarily move; usually they wish to stick with what they know well, even if doing so makes others regard them as dull and boring.

Taureans' patience, their determination, their quiet affection and their occasional flashes of inspiration more than make up for their occasional outbursts of rage, their possessiveness and their tendency to be a little dull. They are pleasant people to know as acquaintances or close friends.


The Taurean does best in a career environment in which he or she can feel secure. A plodding job in which one can slowly advance towards (if not quite to) the very top, with a guaranteed, inflation-proof pension, is the ideal. The worst job for a Taurean is one in which he or she is unsure what money, if any, will be coming in at the end of the month. So Taureans rarely find satisfaction in, for example, freelance journalism or selling insurance on a commission-only basis. On the other hand, they are extremely good at accountancy and other jobs involving money, provided that no risk-taking is involved. They are good at almost all jobs which involve a patient application to practical matters and make, for example, excellent farmers.

With all this practicality there is a streak of imaginative artistry in many Taureans and they are often interested in music, painting and sculpture. Sometimes this Venusian element in the Taurean personality is dominant and a surprisingly large number of sculptors, singers and other artists are Taureans or have Taurean ascendants. But the Taurean artist is usually a prosperous artist, not the sort of talented individual who would be happy to starve in a garret so long as he or she is practising their art.

Excerpted from 'The Complete Fortune Teller' by Francis X King.