Taurus Ascendant - Profile and Characteristics of Taurus Rising


Taurus rising denotes a diplomatic, secretive, obstinate and self-willed disposition. The fate will be slow to develop, as the native will not move hurriedly, tending to become fixed, and too biassed for great expansion. He will be practical, dogmatic, determined, resentful, persistent and stolid. He will evince strong likes and dislikes, take sudden prejudices and show much reserve and diffidence. He will never become over-expressive, but will maintain a silent ambition for personal success, and will act from preconceived motives with decision and perseverance. He will be physically magnetic, fond of ease, stubborn, and rather too self-centred These remarks apply more especially to the first decanate.

The second decanate of Taurus rising awakens the internal nature of the sign, giving the native more intuition, discrimination and practical business ability, but at the same time there is a tendency to be more critical as well as intuitive, and although clever the native will have many strong temptations to become selfish and over-acquisitive. The fate will be influenced by external and concrete matter-of-fact experiences. The finer vibrations of this decanate denote keen appreciation, sterling qualities, musical talent and excellent business ability. The coarser tendency makes the native too exacting and a carping critic.

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The third decanate of Taurus rising denotes more ambition, with an inclination to run in a groove, or become too conventional, thus making it a laborious and over-cautious influence, but it chastens the Taurean nature, strengthening the intellectual qualities and stimulating the reason, and hence tending to lessen the intuitive nature of the sign Taurus. The fate will greatly depend upon the early environment, as there is less power to break away from early training and parental influence. The fortunes will be affected by the innate self-control and organising power which this decanate bestows upon the native. Chastity is the keynote of success for this decanate.

When the first decanate of Taurus rises study the planet Venus, her position and aspects ; also the tenth and sixth houses.

When the second decanate of Taurus rises Mercury will be part ruler, and the position of this planet must be studied in its connection with Venus ; also the condition of the sixth house, and its bearing on the general horoscope.

When the third decanate of Taurus rises the influence of Saturn will greatly affect the life. Misfortune is denoted if Saturn afflicts eitht r Venus or Mercury, but the reverse if the aspects are good. The M.C. should be especially noticed with this decanate, and the indications of moral stamina carefully considered.