Taurus Zodiac Sign Symbol and its Meaning


In the zodiac calendar, Taurus is the first of the earth signs and is symbolized by the Bull, with horns emanating from the imposing animal. Natives of this sign are born between April 21st and May 21st. Caution, sensuality and dependability are some of the traits associated with the Bull and by implication with the Taurus zodiac sign.

As far as physical characteristics go, the Bull stands for physical strength and vigor. In a Taurus native this is reflected as the capacity for endurance and hard work. They do not shy away from work and responsibilities that mean rolling up their sleeves and putting in a forty-hour week. It is likely that natives of this sign have broad shoulders and a thick-set frame, especially if they are male. Women of this sign too have the capacity to bring about concrete results and material rewards.

To the ancient Greeks, the bull was an attribute of Zeus since in one of their mythological stories, the King of Gods transformed himself into a glistening white bull. Fully tame and quite striking in appearance, Zeus in the guise of the white bull secretly planted himself amongst the herds in an effort to capture the attention of the lovely Europa with whom he was completely smitten. Thus many works of Classical art depict Europa riding a white bull. In this sense, the sign of Taurus is associated with sensuality, passion, fertility and virility. In fact they have a marked sensual nature which delights in things that are pleasing to touch, taste and feel. Taurus lovers are known to be incredibly passionate lovers for whom physical love is an essential aspect of a relationship.

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However the most noticeable trait of the Bull is a strong, determined nature. Once they decide on a particular course of action, nothing and no one can dissuade them just like it is impossible to budge a bull from the track which it has decided to move on. This creature is legendary for its determination and indeed obstinacy which is how the phrase ‘bull-headed’ probably came into use. Taken to an excess this trait can lead to inflexibility and resistance to change. Thus Taurus individuals are generally suspicions of new-fangled ideas and trends and prefer to follow values and ways of life with which they have long been familiar. At its worst their obstinacy can make them oblivious to better ways of doing things or blind to the need of change in some areas of life. At the same time though this trait also makes them highly responsible and aware of their duties to others. They will persist in fulfilling their obligations no matter how difficult and time-taking they seem.

Though on the whole, the Bull is a peace-loving creature, when roused to anger, it can be quite terrifying in its fury. Thus a Taurus native too is calm and cautious in most circumstances; they like being left to themselves but can get irritated if constantly needled or bothered. Also the dizzying energy of Aries or the emotional turbulence of the Cancer is not for a Taurus. Rather he/she is stable and composed in their emotions. In fact they like to take enough time to weigh their options and consider all possible alternatives before taking a decision. But when they have decided to follow a particular course, they are unlikely to be dissuaded away from it. Among the things that they cannot tolerate are dishonesty and unfaithfulness. They need their loved ones to completely belong to them and this can make you seem somewhat possessive. Any evidence of cheating or infidelity can rouse their deepest anger and then they are capable of destroying anything that comes in your way, much like the raging Bull with fire sparking from its hooves.

Finally the Bull is associated with material wealth and prosperity. This could be traced back to the fact that in many traditional cultures, the Bull was a source of wealth since it was indispensable in land cultivation and breeding of livestock. Not surprisingly then one of the main qualities of a Taurus is their attraction towards material comforts. While they are not particularly extravagant as the Leo, they do like to be surrounded by markers of material success and objects of physical comfort.

A Taurus proudly bears the symbolism of a magnificent creature as the Bull. It not only stands for courage, power and prosperity but is a reminder of the human ability to work with nature to bring about abundance and harmony in society.