Sun Rising - Sun in the First House or Ascendant


The Sun rising strengthens the constitution, giving abundant vitality, recuperative power, and making the general health good provided the Sun is not heavily afflicted. The Sun rising improves the carriage, adding importance and dignity to the personality ; the native nearly always presents a commanding appearance, and impresses others with his innate power and authority.

It never fails to endow the native with faith and confidence, and through his natural ambition he rises to positions of trust and influence especially if the moral growth has been encouraged, and if the planetary positions are harmonious.

In a weak horoscope it denotes arrogance and pride and a great deal of egotism, but the will is always strengthened and if the Sun is unafilicted the native will desire to do right and act morally.

The Sun in Aries : Commanding ; combative ; ambitious ; loyal ; defensive.
The Sun in Taurus : Over-confident ; autocratic ; diplomatic ; resolute ; solid.
The Sun in Gemini : Noble ; refined ; contented ; studious ; thoughtful.
The Sun in Cancer : Sensitive ; receptive ; conscientious ; anxious ; tenacious.
The Sun in Leo : Thorough ; ambitious'; just ; honourable ; magnanimous.
The Sun in Virgo : Ingenious ; industrious ; critical ; acquisitive ; agreeable.
The Sun in Libra : Tractable ; courteous ; intuitive ; retiring ; imaginative.
The Sun in Scorpio : Unbending ; dignified ; contentious ; diplomatic ; determined.
The Sun in Sagittarius : True ; generous ; proud ; confident ; inspirational.
The Sun in Capricorn : Illustrious ; moral ; self-controlled ; practical ; persevering.
The Sun in Aquarius : Obedient ; cheerful ; sincere ; faithful ; idealistic.
The Sun in Pisces : Negative ; methodical ; hospitable ; peaceful ; honest.