Sun in the Twelfth House


Sun in the twelfth house denotes that one-third, if not more, of the native's life will be unfortunate and liable to obscurity ; but from misfortune and sorrow 11-_: will rise to success, principally by his own efforts. He will have strong leanings towards the occult and psychic side of life, will be estranged from his parents, and will be one apart from his family. If the Sun is afflicted by Mars, Saturn or Uranus, the whole life will be one of sorrow and affliction, but if well aspected by Jupiter or Saturn the native will be capable of much self-sacrifice and endurance. Care must be taken to note the sign the Sun occupies ; if in a watery sign the mediumistic tendencies are accentuated. Sorrow through things indicated by the sign generally comes to the native. Thus, when in:

Aries:    Trouble through persons in authority, and tragedy.            
Taurus:    Occult ability, indirect gain through secret enemies.            
Gemini:    Misfortunes through relatives and in travel.           
Cancer:    Gives a keen interest in all occult studies.           
Leo:    Secret love affairs, trouble through the opposite sex.           
Virgo:    Psychic tendencies, a love of magic and phenomena.           
Libra:    Painful separations, loss of honour and credit.            
Scorpio:    Powerful enemies, long voyages, a tragic end.            
Sagittarius:    Sorrow through death of loved ones, enemies.            
Capricorn:    Misfortune in marriage and in love affairs.           
Aquarius:    Occult tastes, keen intuition, ill-health.           
Pisces:    Strange enemies, fondness for spiritualism.

Sun gives faith, and generally denotes faith in matters concerning the house in which the Sun is placed. If the Sun is not afflicted by the Moon, the native generally emerges from obscurity and makes the latter part of the life very eventful and fortunate ; but all persons born with the Sun in the twelfth house are more or less eccentric, or possess uncommon tastes and inclinations.