Sun in the Third House


Sun in the third house bestows magnanimity of mind, with some pride, and ambitious tendencies. Firm and self-reliant in all mental pursuits, always aiming at success, seeking honour and fame through mental qualifications, and ever desirous of benefiting others mentally. When in good aspect to Uranus, inventive, constructive, and reformative mental tendencies ; Saturn, the mind is profound and authoritative, commanding respect and obedience ; Jupiter religious or philosophical, very kind and considerate ; Mars, militant, and at times aggressive. This position gives success in travel, and in dealing with relatives, by whom the native is respected and sometimes feared. If the Sun is much afflicted in the third house it denotes great pride and arrogance, and a domineering and over-ambitious mind, causing trouble and sorrow to others, according to the sign upon the cusp of the third house and the sign in which the Sun is placed. If the native is born under any of the positive signs it is more fortunate. Moon in good aspect with the Sun promises important beneficial changes every seven years of the life.