Sun in the Ninth House


Sun in the ninth house denotes a very austere mind, firm and self-reliant, inclined to investigate scientific subjects with an unbiased and clear judgment. It gives success in matters connected with the church and the law, and those in which the mind is engaged in higher problems dealing with the masses rather than the few. This position promises success abroad, or residence in foreign countries, also through travel and social intercourse. The more cosmopolitan the native, the greater will be the advantages arising out of this position ; if orthodox or conventional, the position shows some tendency to become bigoted in religious belief, also to become proud and over confident. May rise to some position of responsibility in matters signified by the ninth house. If afflicted : by Mars or Uranus, fanatical or extreme enthusiasm in religious faith, legal difficulties and trouble in foreign countries ; by Jupiter, hypocritical tendencies and poor success in religious affairs ; by Saturn, an over-bearing and hard mind, too imperious and full of false pride, which warps and hinders the progress of the native, the social benefits promised by the Sun in this house being considerably limited. If well aspected : by Mars, patriotism, courageous defence of right, and a great deal of righteous indignation when moved to expression ; by Jupiter, sincere and true ideas concerning religion and a very philosophical spirit ; by Saturn, a strong love of justice with a steady mind and power to undertake much responsibility.