Sun Aspects Moon - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square


Sun Aspects Moon – Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

When these are in good aspect, and especially when in conjunction, the individual and personal sides of the nature form a  harmonious blend, and the result is decidedly good. It is also good if both are in signs governed by the same planet, or if  the lord of the sign containing one is exalted in that containing the other. If either or both are in good aspect to the cusp of the ascendant or to its lord or to a planet in the ascendant, the harmony of the character is considerably increased; and  actions, intellect, and feelings will be more in accord than is the case with the average person of to-day.

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Aspects to planets, however, must be taken into account to some extent before pronouncing too confident an opinion; for even if the two luminaries are in good aspect to each other, one may be heavily afflicted by planets and the other not; the side of the nature indicated by the planet afflicted will then be much less fortunate than the other. This consideration it is important to bear constantly in mind.

When in conjunction or good aspect, the general strength of character is increased, there is some amount of self-reliance, personal independence, and stability. It promotes usefulness in the home and the world, increases the activity and the will. 

It is good for all social, benevolent, and utilitarian movements, broadens the sympathies, gives humanitarian impulses, and conduces to popularity and general success. The constitution is strengthened and vitality increased somewhat. There is a likelihood of offspring and of good fortune through them in respect of health, disposition and circumstances. It tends to increase family harmony both in youth and age; is good for parents and children; and favours love, marriage and friendship. 

It includes the possibility of money and success through a variety of sources, through parents or children, but also and chiefly through occupations or sources indicated by the sign containing the Sun (except when the Moon is the more elevated or the stronger of the two). If both are in one sign, the ruler of that sign will be very important in the character and fortunes; generally for good, unless contradicted elsewhere.

When in bad aspect, more especially in square—for the opposition merely throws the lunar qualities into special prominence—there will be disharmony manifested between the individual and personal characteristics; the one will run counter to the other. Which will prove victor, and whether it will result in a more, or a less, estimable disposition may be judged from the relative power of the luminaries; (1) by mundane position, (2) by zodiacal position, congenial or otherwise, or (3) 
by the planetary aspects and the power of the planets concerned, whether by position, sign or inherent nature.

The correct judgment of the polarity, in this sense, of the horoscope is really the key to the reading of the whole nativity, and the best powers of the student should be concentrated upon it; for it is a subtle and complex problem.