The Sun is not a planet in the astronomical sense. Astrology refers to it as a planet because astrological norms are from an era which was geocentric. The Sun is the traditional ruler of Leo. It is exalted in Aries and debilitated in Libra. The Sun is seen as a masculine, hot and dry planet. A well aspectec Sun can indicate creativity, self-reliance, courage, strength, success, good ehalth, generosity and a warm affectionate nature.

The Sun rising strengthens the constitution, giving abundant vitality, recuperative power, and making the general health good provided the Sun is not heavily afflicted. The Sun rising improves the carriage, adding importance and dignity to the personality ; the native nearly always presents a commanding appearance, and impresses others with his innate power and authority.

Sun in the fifth house denotes success in speculation and matters of enterprise, also gain through children, pleasure, society and entertainments. It is favourable for courtships and promises a successful and honourable attachment. This is not a fruitful position, however, and often denies offspring or brings trouble to the native at the birth of children. If the Sun is afflicted in the fifth it is very evil, and denotes much loss through speculation or enterprise, and trouble in courtship through pride and jealousy.

Sun in the fourth house shows success at the end of life, realised ambitions, hopes and desires when the life is nearing the close. It denotes a good heredity with which pride of ancestry is connected. It promises gain by inheritance or some benefits coming through, or by means of, the parentage. It is a position that favours enquiry into the secret and hidden things in nature, such as occultism, mysticism, and thoughts connected with the higher mind or individuality. If well aspected by Jupiter or Saturn and the Moon, gain of property or financial benefits by inheritance.

Sun in the ninth house denotes a very austere mind, firm and self-reliant, inclined to investigate scientific subjects with an unbiased and clear judgment. It gives success in matters connected with the church and the law, and those in which the mind is engaged in higher problems dealing with the masses rather than the few. This position promises success abroad, or residence in foreign countries, also through travel and social intercourse.

Sun indicates money derived from the father or his side of the family, from superiors, and from the holding of responsible positions or official appointments, also through social influence. Its occupations are mainly those indicated by the sign in which it is placed. Like Mars, it may give money through the native's own labour, but it also parts with money easily.

Sun in the seventh house in a male horoscope denotes a proud but honourable partner, and progress in life through marriage. In a female horoscope it is not so important unless the Sun is ' void of course,' i.e., makes no aspect during its progress from its place at birth before quitting the sign it is in. This position causes marriage to take place towards middle life, and denotes happiness in the married state. If the Sun is much afflicted in the seventh, marriage will be delayed or strong opposition will be experienced.

Sun in the sixth house is not good for the health of the native, the vital forces of the Sun having less power while in this house, but unless afflicted the native is careful and generally knows how to safeguard his health. If afflicted by Saturn or Uranus the constitution is weak and the recuperative power is not good. If in good aspect with Mars or Jupiter it favours the health, and indicates the best kind of work to be that connected with the medical profession.

Sun in the tenth house denotes honour and success in life, a good moral heredity, and the favour of persons of power and position. It gives fortune and prosperity toward the middle- portion of life; right means of livelihood, and the ability to become independent, prosperous, and successful in whatever business, profession, or occupation the native may follow. If much afflicted it denotes arrogance and pride and position held under protest or by right of birth more than by right of merit. If well aspected distinction, authority and permanent success in life.

Sun in the third house bestows magnanimity of mind, with some pride, and ambitious tendencies. Firm and self-reliant in all mental pursuits, always aiming at success, seeking honour and fame through mental qualifications, and ever desirous of benefiting others mentally. When in good aspect to Uranus, inventive, constructive, and reformative mental tendencies ; Saturn, the mind is profound and authoritative, commanding respect and obedience ; Jupiter religious or philosophical, very kind and considerate ; Mars, militant, and at times aggressive.


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