Saturn in the Twelfth House


Here's what it signifies to have Saturn in the twelfth house:

Saturn in the twelfth house denotes one who is very reserved and fond of solitude, with strong inclinations to become a recluse. It is an unfavourable position for all save those who love to work in secret and live by themselves. If much afflicted the native easily makes enemies, and may suffer imprisonment or enforced confinement at some period of his life. If afflicted by :

Uranus: Persistent enmity of powerful persons, loss of honour and reputation, social degradation.

Mars: Danger of suicide or other tragic end.

Sun or Moon: Sorrow through death of loved ones, and a tendency to despond and suffer from melancholia.

Mercury: Danger of hypochondria or mental delusions.

The good aspects in this position give acquisitiveness and a love of secretly hoarding money.