Saturn in the Third House


Saturn in the third house indicates a despondent, slow and laborious mind ; plodding, careful, cautious and fearful. It favours secrecy, and mental pursuits where tact and patience are required, but much depends upon the nativity as to how Saturn in the third house will affect the mind. In a poor horoscope it will tend to make the native deceitful, cunning and over-acquisitive, and if badly aspected will show as follows, according to the afflicting planet : Jupiter, hypocrisy and treachery ; Mars, unreliable and prone to give way to violent fits of passion ; Venus, depraved tastes and lack of refinement ; Mercury, thievish and dishonest tendencies ; Sun or Moon, a weak intellect, inclined to fret, pine, and become very discontented. This position gives a liability to melancholia, insanity and morbid tendencies. It is an unfavourable position for dealings with relatives, and often brings much sorrow through them. It is not good for travel and denotes loss, delay and disappointment in connection with journeys, also many unprofitable changes