Saturn in the Tenth House


Saturn in the tenth house denotes a precarious condition at some period of life. Saturn is essentially the planet of fate, and to all who are born with Saturn in the mid-heaven this text may be quoted---'And Satan took Him up into a high mountain and showed Him all these things.' The elevation of Saturn gives some power, pride, ambition, and persistent, desire for material objects and worldly welfare. If well aspected the native will rise by his own perseverance and industry far above the sphere into which he was born. If afflicted, he will rise only to fall again, or will over-reach himself by a lack of proportion or ability to judge the limits to which he can expand. The affliction of the luminaries from Saturn in the M.C. brings dishonour or scandal, and many obstacles to progress ; good aspects strengthen the character, but render progress slow and liable to interruption and delay. Saturn has power and dignity in the M.C., but much depends upon sign and aspect, for the unfolding of Saturn is proverbially slow, though sure.