Saturn in the Fourth House


Saturn in the fourth house denotes the development of acquisitiveness and a desire to live a very retired and secluded life, or heavy responsibilities which bind and fetter the native to his detriment or hinder his progress. It is not good for worldly success unless well aspected. It is unfavourable for domestic or family affairs, and denotes an environment that is not altogether satisfactory or to the native's liking. If afflicted, Saturn in the fourth house is very unfortunate, denying or preventing any gain by inheritance, and if very much afflicted denotes poverty arid privation at the close of life. Nothing turns out wholly successful under this position of Saturn, and the native's life is more or less under the law of fate, in which free-will appears to be the smallest element. If well aspected this position indicates occult tendencies and asceticism at the close of life, and turns the mind from worldly interests.