Saturn Aspects Jupiter – Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

Saturn rising is considered to be very unfortunate; but much depends upon the sign in which it is placed, and its aspects. It gives the native industry, perseverance, thrift, and economy. It awakens the contemplative, thoughtful, and deeply religious side of the nature, giving a quiet devotion which is both unassuming and considerate. When rising it gives humility and patience, but when perverted it causes the native to be harsh and severe, stubborn and miserable.

Saturn is the outermost of all the traditional planets. It takes 29.458 years to complete one rotation around the earth. Traditionally Saturn has been the natural ruler of Capricorn by day and Aquarius by night. However, now Uranus is considered the ruler of Aquarius while Saturn rules Capricorn. Saturn signifies melancholy, depression, frigidity and coldness. Saturn also represents convention, repression and fear. Saturn placed well in the chart can show wealth creation, frugality, honesty and ambition. An ill-placed Saturn can denote poverty, struggles and strife.

Saturn in the seventh house shows a faithful partner or marriage to a person older than the native. Saturn is exalted in Libra, and as this sign is equivalent to the seventh house Saturn in the seventh denotes faithfulness and sincerity on the part of the marriage partner. It does not give affection of the demonstrative and emotional order, but it makes love a duty and gives stability to the affections, which become permanent and enduring. If Saturn is much afflicted in this house then sorrow and grief may be expected in the married life.

Saturn in the sixth house is very unfavourable for health and denotes much sickness, which is often the result of circumstances and conditions over which the native has little or no control. It causes sickness through privation and want or neglect, and causes many sorrows and disappointments through the state of the health. If afflicted by Sun or Moon a chronic state of ill-health is shown. This position causes sickness through cold and inability to recuperate readily. It brings rheumatism and diseases that are difficult to cure.

Saturn in the tenth house denotes a precarious condition at some period of life. Saturn is essentially the planet of fate, and to all who are born with Saturn in the mid-heaven this text may be quoted---'And Satan took Him up into a high mountain and showed Him all these things.' The elevation of Saturn gives some power, pride, ambition, and persistent, desire for material objects and worldly welfare. If well aspected the native will rise by his own perseverance and industry far above the sphere into which he was born.

Saturn in the third house indicates a despondent, slow and laborious mind ; plodding, careful, cautious and fearful. It favours secrecy, and mental pursuits where tact and patience are required, but much depends upon the nativity as to how Saturn in the third house will affect the mind.

Here's what it signifies to have Saturn in the twelfth house:

Saturn in the twelfth house denotes one who is very reserved and fond of solitude, with strong inclinations to become a recluse. It is an unfavourable position for all save those who love to work in secret and live by themselves. If much afflicted the native easily makes enemies, and may suffer imprisonment or enforced confinement at some period of his life. If afflicted by :

Saturn in the fourth house denotes the development of acquisitiveness and a desire to live a very retired and secluded life, or heavy responsibilities which bind and fetter the native to his detriment or hinder his progress. It is not good for worldly success unless well aspected. It is unfavourable for domestic or family affairs, and denotes an environment that is not altogether satisfactory or to the native's liking.

Saturn in the ninth house denotes a studious and meditative mental attitude towards all higher thought pursuits. It favours the scientific and philosophical more than the religious mind and often causes the native to investigate astrology, metaphysics, and psychic studies generally. In the unawakened it denotes some stupidity with regard to higher thought questions and tends to produce self- deception, and a very crafty and subtle mentality. If afflicted by Mars or Uranus it tends to produce madness, or grave mental affliction.


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