Moon in the tenth house denotes fame and publicity, fluctuation and change in business, or occupation. Ephemeral success without permanent stability or assured position. If afflicted this will bring notoriety and scandal. If well aspected many advantageous and desirable changes. In cardinal signs it denotes great ambition and a very active life. In fixed signs more stability and perseverance, but less activity and change or progress. In mutable signs less fortune and more ability without adequate opportunity.

Moon in the eighth house denotes a death of a more or less public nature, death by drowning, shipwreck, public calamity, or in the presence of many people. Afflicted by Mars, danger of sudden or violent death ; by Saturn, a lingering or very grievous end ; by Uranus, a peculiar, sudden or extraordinary death ; by Neptune, tragedy, danger from water. Well aspected, possibility of inheritance through women, or by the mother's side of the family. Some likelihood of early death of the mother, or of the wife (in a male horoscope).

Here's what it signifies to have Moon in the eleventh house:


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