Moon Rising - Moon in the First House or Ascendant


The Moon rising influences the temperament, making it more pronounced and having the stamp of heredity more clearly defined. It affects the functional arrangements according to the sign it occupies. It never fails to make the native ambitious or fond of fame and public recognition and gives a desire for change, a love of novelty, and much curiosity. The native has a very receptive and clear mind, according to the nature of the aspects which the Moon applies to from the ascendant. It lifts the native upward in life, and brings many benefits and advantages either from the public or through the social world, into which the native's domestic interests largely enter. It denotes great activity and a very eventful or changeful life.

The Moon in Aries : Touchy ; aspiring ; impulsive ; penetrative ; mental.
The Moon in Taurus : Earnest ; sympathetic ; peaceful ; intuitive; vital.
The Moon in Gemini : Mysterious ; secretive ; ingenious ; fond of intrigue ; motive.
The Moon in Cancer : Persuasive ; sensitive ; sociable ; capable ; attractive.
The Moon in Leo : Enthusiastic ; persevering ; dignified ; intuitive and orderly.
The Moon in Virgo : Reasonable ; expressive ; analytical ; psychic ; quiet.
The Moon in Libra : Accomplished ; courteous ; perceptive ; mirthful and kind.
The Moon in Scorpio : Martial ; selfish ; jealous ; proud ; revengeful.
The Moon in Sagittarius : Energetic ; passionate ; aspiring ; kind and generous.
The Moon in Capricorn : Notorious ; anxious for fame ; covetous ; cautious ; selfish.
The Moon in Aquarius : Tolerant ; inoffensive ; imaginative ; active ; inventive.
The Moon in Pisces : Sympathetic ; dreamy ; inconstant ; quiet and hospitable.