Moon in the Twelfth House


Moon in the twelfth house denotes a life in which restrictions and limitations play a prominent part. This is the ideal position for a monk or nun, a hospital surgeon or nurse, for it favours all out-of-sight sympathy or work. The native will either carry the secret of another, or have some secrets of his own which would injure him if known to others. This position gives a love of occultism, mystery or romance. Unless the Moon is very well aspected it is not good, causing the native to be lacking in firmness or stability of character and hence far too easily led by others ; it somewhat inclines to mediumship or interest in spiritualism. If under any spell of the opposite sex, he or she will be indiscreet in love affairs and inclined to allow the senses to dominate the reason ; this causes the native to act foolishly, and to suffer financial loss thereby. It the Moon is afflicted by Mars or Uranus, much worry and trouble will be caused by the native's own folly.