Moon in the Third House


Moon in the third house shows native to be changeable and inconsistent in mental pursuits ; very curious and inquisitive ; fond of enquiring into all kinds of knowledge, ever possessing a fund of information and superficial learning, but lacking in continuity and stability. Fond of publicity, and eager to know all that is going on under any conditions. Much depends upon the aspects of the Moon from the third house to the various planets as to whether the above will be modified or accentuated. Moon in good aspect with : Neptune, adds a touch of genius, or insanity, according to sign and aspects to other planets ; Uranus, increases the love of the romantic and awakens the imaginative faculties, tending to quicken thought and lead the mind into original study ; Saturn, steadies and adds firmness and prudence to the mental qualifications ; Jupiter, adds to the social inclinations and gives bonhomie; Mars, quickens the love of enterprise and adventure ; Sun, strengthens continuity and the mental faculties ; Venus, refines the mind and raises it above the average ; Mercury, quickens the wit and stimulates the mental ability. This lunar position gives much concern with respect to the affairs of relatives, also gives much travel, love of change and a tendency to take many journeys. It is an unfavourable position fur the mind when the Moon is afflicted, especially by Mars or Saturn.