Moon in the Sixth House


Moon in the sixth house denotes a liability to suffer in health through changes and fluctuating causes ; it is particularly inimical during the infantile stage, and if much afflicted shows danger of an early death. The health is always liable to break down when under adverse lunar influences. If afflicted by : Sun or Uranus, the digestion is usually impaired by this position, and the native becomes a dyspeptic ; Mars, inflammatory complaints ; Saturn, chronic diseases are shown. Good aspects to the Moon lessen the tendency to suffer in health, but it is not a good position for the Moon so far as health is concerned. This position makes the native a better servant than master, and shows ability to serve others and win the good fellowship of equals ; it favours domestic service, and gives many opportunities to enjoy life if employed as man-servant or maid in families of good position. It shows success in work of a light, watery, or fluctuating nature, but often gives a strong desire to come before the public professionally.