Moon in the Fourth House


Moon in the fourth house denotes much fluctuation of circumstances and many changes of residence at the close of life. It is only a favourable position when the Moon is well aspected at birth, when it denotes probable gain by inheritance and some reputation or popularity through one or both of the parents. It is a frequent indication of adoption, or early separation from the home sphere. If the Moon is afflicted : by Uranus, sudden adverse changes, unexpected turns of fortune, difficulties in the home life and a chequered career ; Saturn, a sure sign of poverty or much disappointment, with small ability to succeed in life and prosper ; Mars, reversals of fortune through impulsive conduct and rash action ; The Sun or Mercury, loss through theft and deception is denoted. If the Moon in the fourth is well aspected a peaceful end is promised but this position indicates many changes, and often frequent removals, with no certainty of a settled abode.