Moon in the Eleventh House


Here's what it signifies to have Moon in the eleventh house:

Moon in the eleventh house, if fairly well placed and aspected, gives a large number of acquaintances, either of a social and domestic character, or among the general public, equals, and inferiors : more acquaintances than friends in fact. It is good for family life and for the sociable and domestic side of the nature, giving ability to fraternise and mix easily with other people : it is also good for the native's children. It is necessary to note the sign that the Moon occupies when in this house, also the nature of the aspects formed. When in :

Aries:    Romances and adventures in connection with friends.           
Taurus:    Intrigues and sensuous acquaintances.           
Gemini:    Dual attachments, friendly disposed relatives.           
Cancer:    Friends in the domestic circle, strange experiences.           
Leo:    Ardent affections, poetical and idealistic friends.           
Virgo:    Tip Peculiar friendships, attachment to inferiors.           
Libra:    Marriage to a friend. It favours platonic unions.           
Scorpio:    Secret attachments, fatal attachments, tragedy.           
Sagittarius:    Loyal friendships, gain through attachments.           
Capricorn:    Inconsistency and deception amongst acquaintances.           
Aquarius:    Varied friendships, faithful attachments.           
Pisces:    Hospitable friends, mediumistic acquaintances.                               

If the Moon is afflicted by Mars or Saturn sorrows and losses through friends will occur.